29 August 2009

Terhune Orchards

I have been on a mission to find organic peaches and tomatoes that I can prep and freeze when we need a blast of summer in the winter. Peaches are one of those fruits that are extremely high in pesticides if they are not grown organically. So we headed down to Terhune Orchards to check out their produce. It's about an hours drive from us and is just south of Princeton. We were pleasantly surprised when we found that Terhune grows many of their fruits and vegetables organically. We went for peaches and tomatoes and ended up with those and apples, pears, nectarines, basil, oregano, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, corn, and watermelon. It was quite a haul! We enjoyed a fresh summer dinner of stuffed poblano peppers with a roasted tomato sauce and corn. It was very yummy!

The great thing about Terhune is that they have plenty of stuff for the kids to do too. Here are some pics having some fun on the farm.

Checking out the bunny.

Finding his outside voice and using it!

There appears to be some mischief in the air.

Even a little boy knows that John Deere is the real deal.

The thinker.

My favorite picture.

Feeding the goats with Don.

Don gets a goat kiss.

19 August 2009

At the Shore with Nick & Suzie

Nick, Suzie, and the kids were in NJ visiting with Suzie's family and met us at the beach on Tuesday. Don took the day off and we had a great day visiting with the whole family. It's funny to think that we met at the bank when we were all single and now Nick & Suzie have 3 kids in middle school. It was a really warm day and there was a nice breeze kicking off the ocean. N & S's kids spent most of the day in the ocean while Quinn enjoyed playing in the sand. By the end of the day the surf was kicking up but Quinn started to get brave and ventured in to the ocean a little. It was a great day :)

We hit the ice cream stand after lunch and indulged in some soft vanilla ice cream. As you can see, Quinn was diggin' it!

Happy Amy!

Caty, Sophie (Emily's friend), and Emily. You can see Jack in the background in the white tshirt.

Don and Q with the Chevy Chase Bank bucket that Nick and team gave to Don when he left the bank many moons ago.


Hands down our favorite restaurant in New Jersey is A Toute Heure. The restaurant only serves seasonal foods that can be found locally. It's a brave concept and they pull it off. We especially enjoy it because we can take Mighty and sit outside on their sidewalk cafe. However, on our last 2 trips to the restaurant Quinn has started to get very antsy and we had to take turns walking him up and donw the sidewalk. I think our days of taking Quinn to finer restaurants may be numbered. But, we had a great dinner and got a couple of pics.

16 August 2009

New York City

Today we went to NYC with our friends Alison, Damani, and their son Fraser who is a couple of months older than Quinn. Alison is a NC State alumni (go Pack!) and Damani is a UNC and VaTech grad so we will have some NCAA tournament watching friends come March! But, back to business. We started out at the Museum of Natural History. The boys had lots of fun checking out the "stuffed" animals and dinosaur bones. Everything needed to be touched :) From there we went to Central park and had a picnic in the grass. What a great day!

Here's Don and Quinn in the museum.

Q chilling out in his stroller after a very busy day.

Q and Fraser making their big escape. We strategically picked a spot by this fence so it was a little harder for them to get too far.

Fraser's a very animated little boy and full of personality. Here he is giving Q a kiss. He tried to give Quinn a hug a little later and they both fell over. Q wasn't so happy about it but it was pretty cute.

This picture captures Fraser's great personality.

His Q's and W's

On a recommendation from a friend, I got Quinn a Leap Frog Fridge Phonics toy that helps kids learn the alphabet. When you put a letter in the reader, it identifies the letter and sings a song. The next day Don asked Quinn to put a Q in the reader and Quinn did! Then he said put a W in the reader and Quinn did! Wow!! We were pretty impressed that he learned those letters so quickly!

When I sing the alphabet song, I yell out Q when it gets to that point. The toy also sings the alphabet song and Quinn yelled out the Q at the right point! Of course we think he's the smartest kid on the planet, but the proof is in the pudding!!

ps...while I was typing this, Quinn just counted from 1 to 5 and he even remembered to include the 4!

14 August 2009

Two Words!

Quinn put two words together this morning. Quinn had just woken up as Don was heading out of the bedroom door and Quinn said "Bye Papa". He uses those words, and many more, quite frequently but that was the first time he put 2 together by himself! Yay for Q!

13 August 2009

Three Sweet Boys

Robin and her boys came over this afternoon for some play time. Quinn is normally a little bit shy around other kids but he has started to blossom. We also see Robin and her kids a couple of times a week so he knows Jasper and Milo pretty well. Today he had a great time playing with the two boys upstairs in the playroom. Before they were getting ready to leave I got this great picture of the three of them.

12 August 2009

Who has stinky feet?

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11 August 2009

Sweet Sounds Downtown Jazz

We met up with some friends in downtown Westfield this evening to catch the free jazz concerts around town. Four different jazz bands play in different locations so that you can walk through town and hear the sweet sounds. We picked a spot with a grassy area where the kids could run and play. Not the best video capture, but here's Q spinning some circles.

We got a Rita's ice cream on our way to hear the music. The dirt stuck to Quinn's sticky ice cream face and then he took a spill at the end of the night. This picture tells the story of our evening.

It took a while for Quinn to settle down once we got home. But once he crashed, he was cuddled up right next to his papa (who was sawing some serious logs).

09 August 2009

Ellis Island and The Lovely Lady

Pam, Quinn, and I headed to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on Friday. We took the ferry from Jersey City NJ directly to Ellis Island and then on to the SOL. Our ferry left NJ around 10:20 pm and we got back to the dock around 2 pm. We could have spent alot more time on both islands but we were all hot and tired!!

Here's Pam and Quinn waiting for the boat to depart to Ellis Island.

A couple of pics of us on Ellis Island.

A picture inside Ellis Island. It was really moving to be inside the museum and hearing the voices of those who passed through Ellis Island. We didn't spend nearly enough time there.

A view of the SOL out a window inside Ellis Island.

Then it was on to The Statue of Liberty. Here's Pam and Quinn getting a glimpse of The Lovely Lady.

And the Lady keeping an eye on NYC.

This is my favorite pics of those I took of the SOL.

And proof that Quinn was there!!


On Wednesday I picked up Pam at the Amtrak station in NJ and we headed in to NYC. It was fun being in NYC. Lots of energy and lots and lots of people. We first headed to Rockefeller Center and went to the Top of the Rock.

On our way up to the top, we had a great view of Radio City Music Hall.

Here we are at the top with a view of Central Park in the background.

After the Rockeller Center we walked up towards Central Park and did a little shopping on the way. Then a walk around Central Park and on our way home in time to beat the traffic. We didn't have time to walk alot of the city, but we were able to see all of it in our view from above :)

Spider in Central Park

I was delighted to have Pam visit this past week -- it was great having her all to ourselves! Pam and I were bold and ventured in to NYC on our own with Quinn. (I'll post some pics in another blog posting.) Our last stop of the day was Central park. I got some great pics of Quinn and created this little pictoral video. Enjoy!

04 August 2009

Q and his video

I think I blogged in a previous post about Quinn's new obsession with my iphone. I have it loaded with some pbs kids tv shows and kids games. Today he was jumping on the couch and bumped his head. He started crying and asked to nurse. We started nursing and he stopped and started crying for his "video". OK, now that's bad. So, I gave him his video for a little bit and then took it away. That brought on quite a crying fit. In order to cheer him, I set him in the kitchen sink. Nothing like playing with water to get your mind off of video.

A couple of minutes after this pic, I had to strip him to his diaper because he was soaked. He had a great time!

Down the Shore

Quinn and I joined about 10 other moms and 15 kids for a trip 'down the shore'. I went with a group from the Westfield Newcomers Club. One of the moms owns a beach house, so we started there, beached it for a while, and then headed back to the house for pizza. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

I didn't take a lot of pics, but here are a few of Q.

02 August 2009

Funny Stories about Quinn

Quinn makes us laugh and smile every day! I thought I would share some funny/cute Quinn stories.

1. Don was travelling last week and Quinn talked to him on the phone a couple of times a day. Q loves to talk on the phone, especially with his papa. One morning Quinn and I were lounging in bed and Quinn said "Don" (which he likes to call his papa sometimes). He jumped off the bed, got the phone and brought it back to me so we could call his papa.

2. Quinn likes to drop the "f" bomb. Hmmm, not sure where he learned that one. The funny thing is that he always uses it in the appropriate context. Mama drops her keys, Q drops the f bomb. Quinn throws a ball but it doesn't got where he wants, he drops the f bomb. Mama's talking to Papa on her speaker phone in Target, Q yells the f bomb (ok, not sure where that one came from ;) Needless to say, Don and I are cleaning up our language.

3. Quinn loves it when a car drives by with their music blasting. He will stop doing whatever he's doing and break out in to a dance. He loves "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas and will say Boom Boom.

4. Quinn may be following in the steps of his cousin Ty with his affection for all things electronic. While travelling to Canada, I loaded my iphone with kids games and videos for Quinn. It definitely keeps him occupied and happy but he's becoming a little bit obsessed. Today he reached in to Don's junk drawer, pulled out his iphone, and found the videos. As you can see in this video, he's pretty entranced.

This is what happens when I try and take it away. You can see him doing the more sign (which now just means "I want").

5. Quinn likes to laugh along with a joke. Don and I were just laughing about a funny Q story and Q started laughing along. It's so cute!

6. Another thing Quinn really loves these days is Thomas. When he says it, it sounds more like "Nomas". It started with a Thomas book I bought at a yard sale. We noticed it was one of his favorite books. He also loves the little Thomas trains that mom got him from the thrift store and the big Thomas train that he pushes around the neighborhood.

These were some funny stories I could think of off the top of my head. There are so many, many more.