At the Shore with Nick & Suzie

by Amy, August 19, 2009
Nick, Suzie, and the kids were in NJ visiting with Suzie's family and met us at the beach on Tuesday. Don took the day off and we had a great day visiting with the whole family. It's funny to think that we met at the bank when we were all single and now Nick & Suzie have 3 kids in middle school. It was a really warm day and there was a nice breeze kicking off the ocean. N & S's kids spent most of the day in the ocean while Quinn enjoyed playing in the sand. By the end of the day the surf was kicking up but Quinn started to get brave and ventured in to the ocean a little. It was a great day :)

We hit the ice cream stand after lunch and indulged in some soft vanilla ice cream. As you can see, Quinn was diggin' it!

Happy Amy!

Caty, Sophie (Emily's friend), and Emily. You can see Jack in the background in the white tshirt.

Don and Q with the Chevy Chase Bank bucket that Nick and team gave to Don when he left the bank many moons ago.

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