Ellis Island and The Lovely Lady

by Amy, August 09, 2009
Pam, Quinn, and I headed to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on Friday. We took the ferry from Jersey City NJ directly to Ellis Island and then on to the SOL. Our ferry left NJ around 10:20 pm and we got back to the dock around 2 pm. We could have spent alot more time on both islands but we were all hot and tired!!

Here's Pam and Quinn waiting for the boat to depart to Ellis Island.

A couple of pics of us on Ellis Island.

A picture inside Ellis Island. It was really moving to be inside the museum and hearing the voices of those who passed through Ellis Island. We didn't spend nearly enough time there.

A view of the SOL out a window inside Ellis Island.

Then it was on to The Statue of Liberty. Here's Pam and Quinn getting a glimpse of The Lovely Lady.

And the Lady keeping an eye on NYC.

This is my favorite pics of those I took of the SOL.

And proof that Quinn was there!!

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