New York City

by Amy, August 16, 2009
Today we went to NYC with our friends Alison, Damani, and their son Fraser who is a couple of months older than Quinn. Alison is a NC State alumni (go Pack!) and Damani is a UNC and VaTech grad so we will have some NCAA tournament watching friends come March! But, back to business. We started out at the Museum of Natural History. The boys had lots of fun checking out the "stuffed" animals and dinosaur bones. Everything needed to be touched :) From there we went to Central park and had a picnic in the grass. What a great day!

Here's Don and Quinn in the museum.

Q chilling out in his stroller after a very busy day.

Q and Fraser making their big escape. We strategically picked a spot by this fence so it was a little harder for them to get too far.

Fraser's a very animated little boy and full of personality. Here he is giving Q a kiss. He tried to give Quinn a hug a little later and they both fell over. Q wasn't so happy about it but it was pretty cute.

This picture captures Fraser's great personality.

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