Craft Day

by Amy, September 20, 2009
We had our first rainy, cool day this week so we were stuck in the house. I have a small craft box for Quinn so I went digging through it to see what I could find to keep him busy. I ended up pulling out some crayons and a big sheet of plain paper.

Here's the artiste hard at work!

And the collection of Quinn art begins! Here he is standing in front of his masterpiece (which is still taped to the wall). On a side note, Quinn loves his apples. I found some smaller sized local apples at Whole Foods that Quinn has been digging in to.

Then we moved on to digging through the kitchen drawers. It's amazing the stuff he pulls out of the drawers. He's frequently looking for an iphone (or video as he calls it).

This is a funny picture. He had pulled out the drawers on both sides of the cabinet and realized that they just about touch.

He thought he might have hit paydirt and come up with the iphone but it was a cruel imposter. You can see the disappointment on his face!

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