Dinner at Benihana

by Amy, September 05, 2009
I blogged a couple of weeks ago about our new challenges in taking Quinn out to dinner. We had gone to Benihana for dinner thinking that Quinn would be entertained and happy with the dinner "show". Not...so...much. I must have forgotten that I documented our evening because I just found these pics.

OK, so we start off with a chefs hat for Quinn. All is well.

Quinn quickly shows off his new move which is throwing himself backwards and screaming.

We then move to tag-team walking around with him.

Now he's having some fun.

And we end on a happy note.

Tonight we visited a casual mexican restaurant in Westfield and we had a great time with Quinn. We sat outside and he was facing the street so he could catch all the action. I think dinners out are still a possibility!
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