Happy Birthday Don!

by Amy, September 20, 2009
We had such a great weekend in Maryland for Don's birthday. We met up with friends on Friday night (9/11) for Happy Hour and had a chance to catch up with those we hadn't seen in 5+ years. I headed home early to get the munchkin in bed and Don and stayed out late with the gang and partied like he was still a young man :)

Saturday night we had dinner with Nick & Suzie at Volt in Frederick. Volt is considered one of the top 25 restaurants in the DC area and the chef, Bryan Voltaggio, is on this season's Top Chef -- and he's kicking some ass!! He has a great chance of winning the whole thing. We had a 6 course meal in the kitchen and it was delicious! Our wait staff was having a great time with us and even told us a Saturday Night Live/Chicago Bears joke!

Here's Don and Nick at dinner (you can see the kitchen in the background)

At the end of the meal (before or after dessert? not sure) the waiter brought us teeny-tiny ice cream sandwiches -- they were about the size of a quarter. We requested that Don eat his teeny-tiny sandwich with 2 hands. Here he is nibbling on his ice cream sandwich.

It was so much fun to be back in Frederick with our friends. I haven't laughed that hard in years! It wouldn't have been possible without Grams looking after TMQ most of the weekend. They adore each other so fun was had by all!
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