30 October 2009

Quinn in a Bubble

I captured this very cute picture of Quinn at the park yesterday. It was one of those great fall days with a warm sun, clear skies, and vivid orange foliage.

19 October 2009

Happy Birthday to Q!

Since you weren't able to be here for Quinn's 2nd Birthday Celebration, here's the video of his Happy Birthday Song :)

He Scoots!

Quinn got a scooter from Grams for his birthday. I thought he would enjoy this because whenever we go to a friend's house and they have a scooter he will always get on it and try to go for a ride. He has learned to push with one leg, as you can see near the beginning of the video, but he hasn't learned turns. This particular scooter doesn't steer but leans to turn (similar to a skateboard). Notice that it's our family color -- orange!


Pumpkin Patch!

Last weekend we visited a local nursery that had a pumpkin patch, hay rides, and pony rides. It was a beautiful fall day and we had lots of fun with Grampa Corky and Grandma Meg.

First up is the pony ride with Grampa which Quinn really enjoyed. Can you see Quinn back there waving ;)

And peaking around the pony guy to give us a little smile. Grandma is having a good time too :)

The shirt says it all "Handsome"!

I think Quinn may have tried to lift about half of the pumpkins in the patch. There was a sign clear as day that said "do not lift pumpkins by the stem" but what's a boy to do?


Hooray! This is fun!

Can you see what Quinn sees peeking through the hole? It's papa and grampa!

Finger Painting

Quinn loves to draw, doodle, and write. He's getting pretty good at making a circle. We frequently have craft time in the afternoon when we're both getting a little bored. Today we tried out finger painting for the first time and he loved it -- shocking ;>)

He starts to dabble...

...and then goes in for the whole hand dip...

...he moves on to the double fisted basting brushes...

...and just spooning it out. The hands are getting dirty...

...and the full handprint.

The masterpiece from above.

I think he's having some fun :)

"Mama, I'm d-o-n-e!". I'm sure he was saying "hand" which means "please wipe my hands".

And a little video clip of the action -- not terribly exciting.

Trailside Nature Center

This morning Quinn and I had a class at Trailside Nature Center at the Watchung Reservation. It's in a beautiful setting surrounded by woods. Our class was "Life on a Log...and Under It!". We were given a large popsicle-like stick and a jar to collect things. We had fun lifting up logs to see what might be hiding. We found a couple of earth worms. Other kids founds slugs, eggs, and bugs. Quinn loves to dig in the dirt and leaves so this was right up his alley. Here's a picture of him before class.

12 October 2009

Statue of Liberty

We were fortunate to have Corky & Meg visit us over Quinn's birthday weekend. Quinn had a great time playing with Grampa and Grandma Meg and learned their names. On Saturday we took the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was a gray day, but we stayed dry and Lady Liberty always looks good.

Quinn contemplating the NYC skyline.

Here's Don and Corky listening to the audio tour.

Don and Quinn doing their best impression.

Quinn hanging out at the base of the statue.

Quinn with Grampa and Grandma Meg

09 October 2009

Just Because

I took this picture a couple of days ago and it was too cute not to post. Don got him the hat on a business trip and Quinn loves to wear it on his head backwards, which is way cute. Do you love the gorilla on the front of the shirt :)

The Party

The birthday party was alot of fun with 8 little boys and 1 adorable little girl. We've made some really great friends, mostly through the local holistic moms group, and it was fun to get together for a couple of hours of chaos and celebration. I got some good advice from Stacey McGee that kids really enjoy an unstructured party so we didn't plan anything other than cake.

I got a shot of everyone as they were leaving. Unfortunately I was having some camera problems, so these were all shot with my iphone.

Robin and her guys Jasper and Milo -- they gave/received hugs from Quinn before leaving

Erin and her guys Max and Luke.

Max and Jasper are great friends -- can you tell how much fun they were having?

Heather with Matthew and Lala, as she's affectionaly known

Amy and Alec (Amy is a flight attendant and frequently jets off to London or Paris for a weekend of work.)

Alison and Fraser (Alison is an NC State Alumni (go pack!) and is pregnant). She also recently quit her job which makes me very happy ;)

It was so nice to be able to celebrate Quinn's birthday with new friends.

Birthday Boy

What a great day we had with our Birthday Boy -- The Mighty Quinn! We started off with the train table (which lasted almost all day). Then some of Grams' famous Apple Pancakes for breakfast (I think this is a new birthday morning tradition). Last year Quinn was not happy about his bday cake, candles, or the singing so we decided to do a trial run at breakfast. Quinn seemed to know exactly what to do (not sure how - Sesame Street?) and blew out the candles. Breakfast should always be this fun!

As you probably know, Quinn is Thomas the Tank Engine c-r-a-z-y! So a Thomas Train cake was in order. I worked on this pretty hard and I have to admit it looks pretty good from about 5 feet away ;) Just don't get too close. The Thomas face is pretty good too (I freehanded it out of fondant).

Quinn was pretty intrigued and fascinated by the cake too. He was sitting on the barstool checking it out. I think he wanted to do much, much more to/with the cake.

We were lucky that Marlini could join in on Quinn's Feliz Cumpleanos. She had breakfast with us and then helped out until it was nap time. I know Quinn loved having here there too.

Papa Rocks!

Here's Quinn munching on some strawberries.

Happy Birthday Mighty Quinn!

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo -- hop aboard because Quinn is TWO!!! I think all of Quinn's dreams came true this morning when he walked in to his playroom and his Thomas train table was loaded with tracks. He walked in and said "wow!".

Here's a picture of the table and Quinn heads down. We could not get him to look up for a picture -- he was so engrossed!

Can you tell he's saying "Choo! Choo!"

The train table was a hand-me-down from Joanne (and Jameson) Taylor. Joanne gave us the table when they were moving from SoCal and I was still pregnant. At the time we had no idea how valuable of a gift she was giving us. Now we couldn't think of a better gift! Thanks again Joanne!

Here's our little conductor. I really don't think there is a cuter kid on the planet :) This birthday outfit will double as a halloween costume.

Happy Birthday Mighty Quinn!

08 October 2009

From 1 to 10

This morning as Quinn was climbing the stairs he counted from 1 to 10 with no mistakes! Amazing! Looks like he'll have his fathers mad math skills.

(here's a pic of him playing in the mulch -- he was too busy to look at me)

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