Finger Painting

by Amy, October 19, 2009
Quinn loves to draw, doodle, and write. He's getting pretty good at making a circle. We frequently have craft time in the afternoon when we're both getting a little bored. Today we tried out finger painting for the first time and he loved it -- shocking ;>)

He starts to dabble...

...and then goes in for the whole hand dip...

...he moves on to the double fisted basting brushes...

...and just spooning it out. The hands are getting dirty...

...and the full handprint.

The masterpiece from above.

I think he's having some fun :)

"Mama, I'm d-o-n-e!". I'm sure he was saying "hand" which means "please wipe my hands".

And a little video clip of the action -- not terribly exciting.

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