The Party

by Amy, October 09, 2009
The birthday party was alot of fun with 8 little boys and 1 adorable little girl. We've made some really great friends, mostly through the local holistic moms group, and it was fun to get together for a couple of hours of chaos and celebration. I got some good advice from Stacey McGee that kids really enjoy an unstructured party so we didn't plan anything other than cake.

I got a shot of everyone as they were leaving. Unfortunately I was having some camera problems, so these were all shot with my iphone.

Robin and her guys Jasper and Milo -- they gave/received hugs from Quinn before leaving

Erin and her guys Max and Luke.

Max and Jasper are great friends -- can you tell how much fun they were having?

Heather with Matthew and Lala, as she's affectionaly known

Amy and Alec (Amy is a flight attendant and frequently jets off to London or Paris for a weekend of work.)

Alison and Fraser (Alison is an NC State Alumni (go pack!) and is pregnant). She also recently quit her job which makes me very happy ;)

It was so nice to be able to celebrate Quinn's birthday with new friends.
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