Pumpkin Patch!

by Amy, October 19, 2009
Last weekend we visited a local nursery that had a pumpkin patch, hay rides, and pony rides. It was a beautiful fall day and we had lots of fun with Grampa Corky and Grandma Meg.

First up is the pony ride with Grampa which Quinn really enjoyed. Can you see Quinn back there waving ;)

And peaking around the pony guy to give us a little smile. Grandma is having a good time too :)

The shirt says it all "Handsome"!

I think Quinn may have tried to lift about half of the pumpkins in the patch. There was a sign clear as day that said "do not lift pumpkins by the stem" but what's a boy to do?


Hooray! This is fun!

Can you see what Quinn sees peeking through the hole? It's papa and grampa!

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