28 November 2009

Most Documented Kid in History?

I was organizing some photos tonight and I got a count on the total number of pics that I have of Quinn. 7,193. Too many? Nah, never enough :)

27 November 2009

Shaken, but Thankful

If you're not on Facebook, you probably haven't heard the news. On Thanksgiving morning, the ceiling on my mother's living room collapsed. But let me back up a couple of steps...

I arrived at my mother's on Monday and she had just noticed some cracks in the ceiling in her living room. She got in touch with a dry wall guy who goes to her church and he was able to come by on Wednesday. He thought that the screws/nails that hold up the drywall sheets had come loose and he needed to put in new, longer screws. This could all be done from the living room. Then the cracks spackled, taped, painted, etc. He had never seen a ceiling collapse and wasn't too concerned.

Thursday morning Don and Quinn were in the living room watching a Thomas dvd, I was cooking in the kitchen, and mom was just returning from the grocery store. I went in to check on the guys and hear a snap, crackle, pop sound. What was that? Holy shit, that was the ceiling! Don grabbed Quinn and they headed for the basement. Mom ran in to the living room to grab a couple of valuables. Funny that I grabbed a Thomas train set (huh?). Then we heard and saw more cracking and stood back. BOOM!!!! The ceiling came down. I took this picture shortly after it happened.

With all the insulation floating around in the air, we decided to get out of there and packed up all our stuff and headed for Pam & Jeff's. We all had a beer and tried to enjoy the rest of the day, which I think we did (well, maybe not mom). Don, Quinn, and I stayed in a hotel that night and returned the next morning. The rest of the insulation had fallen and the living room was even more of a mess.

The insurance company will hopefully be out on Monday or Tuesday so the process of cleaning up can begin. Mom's living room looks like a war zone and she has some hard work in front of her (with all our support).

No one was hurt. We are all safe. I am thankful.

The Calm Before the Storm

We woke up to a very foggy Thanksgiving morning. I looked out the bedroom window and saw an eerie fog with lots of bright fall colors. I ran out and took these shots before Quinn woke up. Take a look.

I ran back inside and snapped this picture of a very sleepy Q just waking up.

Hmmmm...coffee :) Grams had an espresso sized cup that she had bought for Miss Sami that was the perfect size for some milky coffee for Q.

Yummy, more please.

Coffee with Grams.

We enjoyed a couple of quiet moments together with no idea what was in store for us on a Thanksgiving we'll never forget.

Hi Grams!

Grams left a message for Quinn which he replayed many times. Yes, the kiddo knows exactly how to use the answering machine (as you can see). It's also amazing how many voices he can identify over the phone.

This one is for you Grams {insert hug}

Elfin Quinn

Get ready to laugh your ass off! This is complements of Sullivan McGee (Tim & Stacey's daughter).


22 November 2009

My New(Rental) Lens

I mentioned in a previous post that I rented a lens for my camera to try it out and I love it!!

This is a picture I took the other night. I didn't use flash and the only lighting was the normal room lighting. It gives a much warmer look than a flas photo. Not 100% crisp but pretty good for a indoor night time shot. And you know this boy loves his trains!

I need to get more of these pics posted because there are lots of cute ones. I was working on a xmas card photo but these weren't right. Very cute nonetheless. Again, indoor shots with no flash.

What is this?

This is our two year old pretending to be a couch potato. Lounging on the couch, covered in Veggy Booty crumbs, and watching a video on the iphone.

21 November 2009

Quinn's 2 Year Stats

Quinn had his 2 year check up on Thursday and of course all is well. His iron levels are back in the normal range so the doctor said to just continue whatever we are doing (occasional green smoothies and a natural iron supplement). Here are his new stats:

Height: 1 yard exactly (80th percentile)

Weight: 31# (75th percentile)

Head Circumfrence: 20" (90th percentile)

So he continues to have be pretty tall with a huge head. He's also gained quite a bit of ground on the weight percentile but still a skinny boy.

20 November 2009

Around the Neighborhood

After Quinn's nap, we enjoyed a walk to the park. Someone had dumped a bunch of toys and Quinn instantly went for a play shopping cart. We pushed it around the park and neighborhood filling it with leaves.

Quinn is looking for a helicopter he heard.

A red NJ sky and moon above our house.

I've been having lots of problems with blurry photos because Quinn is non-stop. From what I've been reading on message boards and blogs, I need "faster glass" for my camera. I decided to rent a lens to try it out before taking the plunge and buying one. These pics were taken with the lens and turned out pretty good. Hopefully you'll see alot more great pics of The Mighty Quinn.

18 November 2009

Transitioning in to the Terrific Two's

As Quinn dives head first in to his life as a two year old he is becoming more independent and learning to make decisions for himself. "No" is becoming quite the favorite word to use along with the phrase "I don't want to". This is a common response to requests such as "let's put on your pajamas", "have some oatmeal", "let's go upstairs", "drink some juice", etc. He has also learned the art of the major cry when he doesn't quite get his way. It's funny how quickly he snaps out of it when a great offer comes along. I guess this is all about being a two year old.

I'm not a big fan of the phrase "Terrible Two's". Who wants to be called something Terrible? I subscribe to a positive parenting website and get a daily inspirational email. This email message arrived just in the knick of time. It's a little bit hokey but the message still comes through loud and clear.


:: Terrible Two's & Rebellious Teens... NOT! ::

Developmentally, toddlers and Teens have one thing
in common: they're on the verge of a quantum leap in
personal autonomy. They're on a mission to become
*themselves* -- to get in touch with their Inner Power
more than ever before.

Anytime they feel imposed upon or coerced, that
mission is blocked, and they instinctively protest.
In nature-based, pleasure-oriented, partnership
cultures, such protests are rarely triggered, so
terrible two's and teen rebellions rarely occur.

But in our anti-nature, control-oriented culture,
parents are expected (if not required *by law*) to
oppose or control children's natural developmental
impulses toward personal empowerment, which
guarantees the terribles!

The shift from terrible to terrific begins with your
commitment to creative partnership. Then, whenever
your child exhibits "terrible" behavior, you can
re-interpret it as evidence of his or her unfolding
autonomy, and ask yourself this:

"How can I use my creativity
to support my child's growth
in a way that works for ALL of us?"

17 November 2009

Quinn & Dinosaur

Quinn likes to feed the dinosaurs at Nomehagen Park ;)
{Dispatched from my mobile mothering communication unit}

15 November 2009

T3 at Camden Children's Garden

On Saturday we drove down to Camden NJ to visit the Camden Children's Garden. It was about a 70 mile drive but well worth it. The garden was having a special train day so right up Quinn's alley. (Don and I use the code name T3 for Thomas the Train.)

As soon as we walked in the gates there were a couple of train tables and Thomas push trains. This Thomas played the T3 theme song, which we all know by heart ;)

Next we went in to the butterfly garden and my lens fogged up right away (notice the fuzzy picture).

There were benches all around the garden that were painted with really bright colors. Here's Quinn giving me the look.

Little man, big chair.

Running through the tunnel.

Oh the train!! We were given a train whistle when we got on. Quinn had great fun on the train.

Should we call him Twinkle Toes? Quinn loves to walk on balance beams and practices every Sunday with Don at My Gym.

There were stations set up throughout the gardens for the kids to do activities. Here we are making a peanut butter and bird seed coated pine cone.

Never enough train rides.

Don and Quinn having some fun!

We had such a great time at the Children's Garden and will be visiting again when everything is in bloom.

Runs with Scissors

OK, not really running but sitting at the kitchen counter with scissors. Quinn loves to cut stuff and will ask for the scissors whenever he sees them. He says "cut paper, cut paper, cut paper". Needless to say, I'm getting some safety scissors for him.

Here's our boy sitting at the counter cutting up some paper.

12 November 2009

Quinn's First Haircut

Quinn had his first non-mama haircut today. He didn't love it but he didn't hate it either. The haircut "salon" has a train table, fun chairs for the kids to sit in during the haircut, and a choice of videos to watch during the haircut. Quinn watched a little Thomas (shocking!) during his haircut. There was also a little boy getting a buzz and was SCREAMING his head off.

Here we are at home getting ready to head out. Love the orange pants (thanks grams :)

It looks like Quinn has mastered the fake camera smile!

Here's Quinn getting ready for his haircut. Not looking so happy.

Here's the "after" shot. Sorry for the blur but I couldn't seem to snap a good one. It's still a little shaggy but he doesn't have as much volume on the sides of his head and it's trimmed all around.

Quinn got this certificate for his first haircut. He also had his first lollipop, which he enjoyed very much!

10 November 2009

Q Loves the Cookie!

The other night Quinn woke up in the middle of the night crying cookie, cookie. It would have been really funny had it not been 3 am. But, Quinn loves his cookies! Fortunately, the cookie that he so loves is the Newman's Own Fig Newton. Here's Quinn having a little afternoon Fig Newton snack.

Did you notice in this last picture that there is a bite or two out of each cookie? They all went in to a baggie for future Quinn snacking.

Fun with Leaves

On Sunday afternoon Don, Quinn, and I were headed to the park and playground down the street but we didn't get very far. You see, there are piles and piles of leaves in the street waiting for the leaf truck to come by and suck them all up. It's hard for a 2 year old little boy to pass up piles of leaves. Most of these pictures were taken in our neighbor's pile o' leaves so we had alot of cleaning up to do afterwards. But it was well worth it :)

Neck deep in leaves.

Getting down to business.

Where's Mighty?

There he is!

The huge pile at the end of the street is calling Quinn's name.

Neck deep in leaves.

Having some fun with mama!

06 November 2009

Brisk Hayride

We met up with Robin and family for a campfire, hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and a hayride at a local nature preserve. Quinn had a great time bumping along in the wagon and had a smile on his face the whole ride. It was our first time wearing our winter coats and gloves and was a little taste of winter. (The image is from my iPhone so not great, but you get the picture.)

{Dispatched from my mobile mothering communication unit}

05 November 2009

Mama's Little Helper

Quinn helped me with dinner tonight by making the guacamole. We got him this stool after seeing it at Robin's house and Quinn loves to pull it up to the counter and get to work. He loves being able to reach everything on the counter. Not as much fun for mama ;)

{Dispatched from my mobile mothering communication unit}

Uno, Dos, Tres...

Marlini watched Quinn on Wednesday so his Spanish skills were sharp. Check him out in this video counting from 1 to 10 in Spanish. We were having our afternoon craft time and he was counting the dots I was making on his drawing paper. Very cute :)

03 November 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Pam

Happy 50th Birthday Big Sister! You are not only the best sister on the planet earth but also a wonderful friend. You are so kind and generous to your family and friends and to those you just meet. You always see the best in people. You are a wonderful mom -- patient and loving with your two boys. You have such a sweet and caring soul :) I'm lucky to have you as my sister! Happy Birthday Pam!

Mighty Q!

Wow! Look what Quinn did ;)

And this is what typically happens when we go to the playground (see it way back there in the background). Quinn plays on the equipment for about 5 minutes and then off he goes -- in to the woods, out in the field, playing in the sand. Definitely more fun that the playground!