12 November 2009

Quinn's First Haircut

Quinn had his first non-mama haircut today. He didn't love it but he didn't hate it either. The haircut "salon" has a train table, fun chairs for the kids to sit in during the haircut, and a choice of videos to watch during the haircut. Quinn watched a little Thomas (shocking!) during his haircut. There was also a little boy getting a buzz and was SCREAMING his head off.

Here we are at home getting ready to head out. Love the orange pants (thanks grams :)

It looks like Quinn has mastered the fake camera smile!

Here's Quinn getting ready for his haircut. Not looking so happy.

Here's the "after" shot. Sorry for the blur but I couldn't seem to snap a good one. It's still a little shaggy but he doesn't have as much volume on the sides of his head and it's trimmed all around.

Quinn got this certificate for his first haircut. He also had his first lollipop, which he enjoyed very much!

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