27 November 2009

Shaken, but Thankful

If you're not on Facebook, you probably haven't heard the news. On Thanksgiving morning, the ceiling on my mother's living room collapsed. But let me back up a couple of steps...

I arrived at my mother's on Monday and she had just noticed some cracks in the ceiling in her living room. She got in touch with a dry wall guy who goes to her church and he was able to come by on Wednesday. He thought that the screws/nails that hold up the drywall sheets had come loose and he needed to put in new, longer screws. This could all be done from the living room. Then the cracks spackled, taped, painted, etc. He had never seen a ceiling collapse and wasn't too concerned.

Thursday morning Don and Quinn were in the living room watching a Thomas dvd, I was cooking in the kitchen, and mom was just returning from the grocery store. I went in to check on the guys and hear a snap, crackle, pop sound. What was that? Holy shit, that was the ceiling! Don grabbed Quinn and they headed for the basement. Mom ran in to the living room to grab a couple of valuables. Funny that I grabbed a Thomas train set (huh?). Then we heard and saw more cracking and stood back. BOOM!!!! The ceiling came down. I took this picture shortly after it happened.

With all the insulation floating around in the air, we decided to get out of there and packed up all our stuff and headed for Pam & Jeff's. We all had a beer and tried to enjoy the rest of the day, which I think we did (well, maybe not mom). Don, Quinn, and I stayed in a hotel that night and returned the next morning. The rest of the insulation had fallen and the living room was even more of a mess.

The insurance company will hopefully be out on Monday or Tuesday so the process of cleaning up can begin. Mom's living room looks like a war zone and she has some hard work in front of her (with all our support).

No one was hurt. We are all safe. I am thankful.

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