T3 at Camden Children's Garden

by Amy, November 15, 2009
On Saturday we drove down to Camden NJ to visit the Camden Children's Garden. It was about a 70 mile drive but well worth it. The garden was having a special train day so right up Quinn's alley. (Don and I use the code name T3 for Thomas the Train.)

As soon as we walked in the gates there were a couple of train tables and Thomas push trains. This Thomas played the T3 theme song, which we all know by heart ;)

Next we went in to the butterfly garden and my lens fogged up right away (notice the fuzzy picture).

There were benches all around the garden that were painted with really bright colors. Here's Quinn giving me the look.

Little man, big chair.

Running through the tunnel.

Oh the train!! We were given a train whistle when we got on. Quinn had great fun on the train.

Should we call him Twinkle Toes? Quinn loves to walk on balance beams and practices every Sunday with Don at My Gym.

There were stations set up throughout the gardens for the kids to do activities. Here we are making a peanut butter and bird seed coated pine cone.

Never enough train rides.

Don and Quinn having some fun!

We had such a great time at the Children's Garden and will be visiting again when everything is in bloom.
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