18 November 2009

Transitioning in to the Terrific Two's

As Quinn dives head first in to his life as a two year old he is becoming more independent and learning to make decisions for himself. "No" is becoming quite the favorite word to use along with the phrase "I don't want to". This is a common response to requests such as "let's put on your pajamas", "have some oatmeal", "let's go upstairs", "drink some juice", etc. He has also learned the art of the major cry when he doesn't quite get his way. It's funny how quickly he snaps out of it when a great offer comes along. I guess this is all about being a two year old.

I'm not a big fan of the phrase "Terrible Two's". Who wants to be called something Terrible? I subscribe to a positive parenting website and get a daily inspirational email. This email message arrived just in the knick of time. It's a little bit hokey but the message still comes through loud and clear.


:: Terrible Two's & Rebellious Teens... NOT! ::

Developmentally, toddlers and Teens have one thing
in common: they're on the verge of a quantum leap in
personal autonomy. They're on a mission to become
*themselves* -- to get in touch with their Inner Power
more than ever before.

Anytime they feel imposed upon or coerced, that
mission is blocked, and they instinctively protest.
In nature-based, pleasure-oriented, partnership
cultures, such protests are rarely triggered, so
terrible two's and teen rebellions rarely occur.

But in our anti-nature, control-oriented culture,
parents are expected (if not required *by law*) to
oppose or control children's natural developmental
impulses toward personal empowerment, which
guarantees the terribles!

The shift from terrible to terrific begins with your
commitment to creative partnership. Then, whenever
your child exhibits "terrible" behavior, you can
re-interpret it as evidence of his or her unfolding
autonomy, and ask yourself this:

"How can I use my creativity
to support my child's growth
in a way that works for ALL of us?"

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