Trick or Treat

by Amy, November 01, 2009
Happy Halloween! This is Quinn's third Halloween but the first one we've really celebrated. Quinn was only about 3 weeks old for his first Halloween. If you remember we had Smitty who barked and barked every time the door bell rang. Ringing doorbells and barking dogs don't make for a happy baby.

Here's our sleeping baby boy around his first halloween. My heart is melting...

We were in Kaui for Quinn's second halloween. I guess he dressed as a surfer boy. Here he is last year.

This year Barbara is here to join the halloween celebration. We had lots of early trick-or-treaters at our house. The ringing doorbells didn't wake Quinn from his nap. Then he got dressed in his Thomas Engineer outfit and we hit a couple of houses on our street. As expected, Quinn wasn't thrilled with the trick or treating so we took Thomas for a stroll around the neighborhood to check out the other trick or treaters and decorations.

Here's Quinn with his pumpkin bucket ready to hit the road.

We ditched the bucket and took Thomas out for a spin instead.

Thomas likes to hide in the leaves.

Heading home...

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