26 December 2009

Choo Choo! All Aboard!

You might remember that Quinn got a train table for his birthday in October. He loves it and plays with each and every day. This table is the "coffee table" in our living room. We keep the spare tracks, trains, etc in a drawer in Quinn's playroom upstairs. We found that whenever he was in his playroom, he would just pull out the tracks and trains and play with them upstairs. He plays with his other toys in his playroom too, but he really loves his trains. So, we decided to get a train table for his playroom for Christmas. We found a great set on craigslist with the table, miles of tracks, buildings, and lots of trains and car.

Here he is getting down to business. He must be thinking very hard because his tongue is sticking out.

Mr. Engineer, Don, loves this table because all the curves are very gentle and the trains won't fall over when going around a curve. He put alot of thought in to the design and it is really great. He also revamped the table downstairs with some spare parts from this table so that Quinn actually has 2 new train configurations. It's funny because I found Don sitting in the living room staring at the table on Christmas day and I asked him if everything was OK. Yes, he was just studying to the configuration to see how he could improve it. I'm sure both table will be tweaked and improved over the next 3 or more years.

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