24 December 2009

Fun in the Snow

We had a decent snow on Saturday night and got out for a walk that evening but haven't had Quinn out since then because of his cough/cold. Today mom, Quinn, and I got out of the house for a while while Don put together Quinn's new-to-us Thomas Train Table. It was great to get some fresh air!

First things first...build a snowman!! And look at my two handsome snowmen!

Did you notice that Quinn is holding the snowman's "hand"?

An obligatory picture of mama ;)

I think it's funny that the snowman used to look pretty happy but now he looks a little irratated at Quinn for walking away. Look at those accusing eyes!

Out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Quinn loves these big chunks of snow. Guess what he really loves to do with them.

Yes, this!

What did you notice first? The big blue eyes or the faucet of a nose? Cute none-the-less.

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