20 December 2009

Our 1st Trip to the ER

Don't panic, all is OK. First, we got about 6" of snow late yesterday in to last night. Around 2 am, we woke up to Quinn breathing really hard and laboring to get his breath. He had a 102 temp. We all got up and Don jumped in the bathroom with Quinn for a good 20 minute steam. Quinn was much better once he was vertical but was still weazing very heavily. Don went outside to shovel the driveway at 3 am while I called the on-call pediatrician. The doctor didn't seem too concerned so we gave Q some motrin and stayed up for a bit. We headed back to bed around 5 am and were again woken around 8:30 by Quinn's very labored breathing. Back into the steam bathroom and then another dose of Motrin at 9:30. Both Don and I were pretty alarmed by Quinn's breathing and decided to take him to Urgent Care which opened at 10 am. We packed up the car with all our safety and warmth stuff just in case we got stuck in the snow and headed off to the Urgent Care. We got there and it wasn't open because of the snow. So, off to the ER. We were really pleased with how well the roads were cleaned and had no problems getting to the hospital. This was our first trip to the ER with Quinn and we really liked the expedited service they give to kids. The final diagnosis was croup. Quinn got an oral anti-inflamatory to reduce the swelling of the throat and also a medication via the nebulizer. And we were sent on our way. Quinn's getting in a good nap while Don works on the snow and I clean up the house. All is well again :)

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