24 December 2009

Santa Arrived Early

Grams arrived on Monday for Christmas after a 2 hour delay at Amtrak. We are so happy to have her here for Christmas. Every morning Quinn wakes up and says 'go see Grams'. They have such a great time together! Since she is leaving the day after Christmas, we decided to start giving Quinn some of his presents early so that she can have time to enjoy the presents with him.

Yesterday he got an easel from Grams and has had a great time drawing all over it. It's very cool because it has a white board on one side, a chalk board on the other, and then a roll of paper in the middle that you pull over the white board for painting. Quinn loves to draw and write so I know he will have alot of fun with this.

Here are Quinn and Darwin checking out the new easel.


And the little Picasso begins...

He ended up writing all over the board frame, on the inside of the easel, and just about anywhere he could. But, he never wrote on anything but the easel (ie walls, couch, etc).

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