5 Funny Things about Quinn

by Amy, January 23, 2010
1. Last night we thought we were going to be out late, so I let Quinn take a nap today. He was up until about 12:30 am with Don, so I think no-nap days are still the way to go.

2. Quinn and Don share many common interests, fire being one of them. Quinn loves fire! He loves blowing at the candle and then asks "more fire".

3. Quinn has learned to say please and has started with the "please, please, please". Such as "DVD please, please, please", "milk please, please, please". Last night when he was up with Don he wanted Don to sit on a stool to draw with him. So he said "Papa sit, please, please, please". Very cute!

4. He has also learned to say "sorry". This is definitely not a word that we taught/encouraged him to say. He mostly understands it and uses it correctly but often apologizes to inanimate objects. "Sorry chair" or "sorry paper". But glad to hear him say it and use it.

5. Last night he took his coat off all by himself!

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