27 January 2010

Little Picasso

Quinn got an easel for Christmas that has a white board, a chalk board, and some paper for either markers or painting. He uses it all the time and loves to sit and draw on the white board. We'll pull up his little stool and he'll sit on the bottom step and Don or I will sit on the top step and draw. His frequent drawing requests are shark, train, mountain, fish, tracks, snowman and smiley face. It's funny because when I first started drawing a smiley face he would get very upset. I couldn't figure it out until one day I erased the smile. He then drew in the smile and was very happy. Quinn likes for me to draw the circle, sometimes the eyes, and he likes to make the smile :)

Yesterday I gathered the strength (and drop cloth) to do some good old fashioned painting. I got it all set up and asked Quinn to step back so I could take a before picture. I got one snap in...

...and then it was off to the races.

What kind of mother allows her son to wear his white pajama top to paint? A crazy one I guess.

And the masterpiece.

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