Mama Watch Me!

by Amy, January 02, 2010
Quinn's vocabulary is once again blooming and tonight as he was jumping up and down on the bed he said "Mama Watch Me!". It was so sweet to hear and I look forward to hearing it over and over and over again in the coming years. Tonight he also said "How are you Mama?". Yesterday he asked Don "What's up?". He's really putting his words together and using words/phrases that we haven't necessarily tried to teach him. A couple of words that he is using more and more are Thank You, Please, and Your Welcome. Again, we haven't worked too hard at these -- he has just picked them up naturally.

It seems crazy to make a post without any pictures, so here are a couple from our night with Rod, Risa, and Robby.

A paparazzi showdown.

This is Robby. He's about a year older than Quinn. He really would have loved to play with Quinn, but Quinn is still in to parallel play. Plus they had a train table.

We went wine tasting with Rod & Risa about 7 - 8 years ago in Virginia and purchased this very large bottle of wine. With a little help from Barbara, we were able to get it to Chicago and surprised R & R with this blast from the past. We had lots of great laughs over this bottle of wine.

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