02 January 2010

The Women in Quinn's Life

Quinn is lucky to have so many great women in his life (besides me :). He is so loved! Quinn has a great connection with each of them and they all bring something different and special to his life. Here are some of my favorite pics of these great women.

We'll start off with my mom, Grams.

Don's mother, Mae.

Kisses from Grandma Eg

Can't forget Aunt Pam

The most recent addition is Meg's mother, Nanny. Nanny always remembers Quinn with a gift or a card and has his picture on her refrigerator along with her other 4 grandchildren. Nanny says she feels very lucky to be Quinn's "adopted" Nanny and we feel blessed to have another wonderful woman in ours and Quinn's life.

Thank you beautiful ladies for making Quinn's life that much richer!

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