04 February 2010

Our Day

We've had one of those typical days with nothing really planned but always full of amazing, funny things.

I always start off my mornings with a smiley, fresh-faced, blue-eyed boy. Quinn wakes up so happy and always says "Hi Mama!". I saw him moving around on the monitor so I thought I would give you a glimpse of my little ray of sunshine.

After breakfast we went up to Quinn's playroom and read a bunch of books. He kept asking for the letters book (I wasn't sure which book he meant) until he pulled out the Mixed Up Alphabet Book.

In the book, Z is tired of being at the back and wants to move to the front. Q and U decide they should be together and all the letters shuffle around. At the end of the book they realize that they need to get back in place so that the children will be able to sing the A, B, C song. Quinn really likes this book. After we read the book, I stopped on the last page where the alphabet was all laid out.

Quinn went through and identified each letter from A to Z. On some of them he threw in the sound they make for extra bonus points. I think it's crazy that my little 2 year old knows his alphabet. He likes to sing the song too but often skips many letters or just stops mid-song.

After lunch we had to take Grams to the train station to go home. After we dropped her off, Quinn kept crying "Go see Grams", "Go see Grams" :(

We got home and I worked on the laundry for a little while. While folding clothes, I got a whiff of Quinn's diaper and told him that we needed to change him out of his poopy diaper. He ran off and I finished folding clothes. I went to check on him and he was in his room (door closed) and lying on his changing table. OK, very helpful but have you seen our changing table? It's not very sturdy! But, all is good.

Again, it was a typical but amazing day!

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