27 March 2010

Quinn's New Bike!

Quinn got a new bike! I've heard lots of good things about balance bikes. They are also called "runner bikes" because they don't have any pedals and are powered by walking/running. The seat is very low so that the feet touch the ground while sitting. Kids learn how to balance with them and eventually skip over bikes with training wheels.

Quinn just saw his new bike for the first time and hopped on! I think he likes it.

After a little bit of riding, we took a break and rode the dinosaur instead.

And went for a swing.

And then back on the bike. As he was making it go he would say "Look! I'm riding bike!".

Quinn's giving the bike a close inspection.

And then over the bridge.

It was a good first start to riding his new bike.

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Boys love Fire!

Why is it that boys, young and old, are fascinated with fire? I know my two guys love fire! Last night we broke out the fire pit that we got for Christmas. While Don got the fire going, I ran off to get 'smore fixings :)

Quinn enjoying the roaring fire.

Quinn collected all sorts of twigs and sticks to add to the fire. It made me very nervous but Don thought it was great!

Don relaxing by the fire.

We are looking forward to enjoying our patio this summer, both day and night!

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26 March 2010


It was a warm day and mom, Quinn, and I did some work around the yard. What better way to treat yourself than with an ice cold fruit popsicle!

I think this is a brain freeze in action! I wish I knew how to make this bigger -- you can click on it to see if full screen.

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Zonked Out!

I still love to stare at Quinn while he's sleeping. Something so peaceful and cherubic! It's even cuter when he's doing a little pose. You know, hands down the diaper, behind the head, or this cute little cross legged thing.

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Centennial Park

Quinn and I just got back from a week in Maryland visiting with family and friends. Don took the train down for the weekend, had a meeting in VA on Monday, and took the train home on Monday night. Ross was in town from Utah and it was great to catch up with him. I think it had been almost 2 years since we saw him last. And of course we got lots of time with Pam and family :)

We had a handful of great spring days and took advantage of the weather with a day at Centennial Park with Mom and Pam. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, some play time on the playground, and then a walk/scoot around the lake.

The play structure was amazing. Lots of interesting features, steps, ramps, rings, slides, etc. Quinn had a grand time climbing all over it saying "Chase me Mama!". I was worn out!

Quinn's making his way across 'mushroom' steps.

That's our boy! I think he has some chocolate chip cookie residue on his chin :)

Look at the monster grip Quinn has on Aunt Pam.

Time for a walk around the lake. Quinn is getting really good and fast with his scooter. It's now his preferred mode of transportation (poor Thomas!). I think we're going to go through some shoes this summer because Quinn likes to drag his foot as the brake.

Quick break -- quick picture. Yes, I'm the mamarazzi!

Quinn loves to see things splash in the water. Grams collected some rocks for Quinn to throw.

Our handsome boy!

What a great day with Grams and Aunt Pam!

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19 March 2010

Scooter Boy

Quinn got a scooter for his birthday -- you may remember this post of him riding it around the house. Well for the first time we got the scooter outside. The weather has been *beautiful* in NJ so Quinn and I headed to one of our favorite parks, Trailside. I also recently got a helmet for Quinn and the rule is that he can't get on his scooter or tricycle without a helmet. Not so happy about that at first but today he played for a long time before he realized that it was still on. Safety first! :)

Here's our little guy hitting the road.

Which way do we go?

I don't know! (Actually, this was a game of peek-a-boo behind the bench.)

For some reason, Quinn really looks like a Cantelo in the picture (at least to me). Maybe a little like Ross or Ty?

I've been trying to upload a video but can't seem to complete the mission :(

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14 March 2010

Happy Face...Sad Face

Here is Quinn's Happy Face...

...and Quinn's Sad Face.

We were goofing around taking pictures and I asked him to make a sad face for me and this is what I got. Oh this little boy cracks me up!

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TBall in the Rain

Quinn got a tball set and Don has been eager to get him outside to hit some balls. What better day than a gloomy, rainy Sunday. Quinn got on his snow boots and rain pants and was ready to go. Do not adjust your monitor, Quinn just finished drawing with magic markers (all over his face).

Don got his stance just right.

Ready, set, swing!

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11 March 2010

Super Smitty

Don and I were cleaning/organizing the basement last weekend and ran across the doggie wheelchair we had for Smitty. I just found the video of him in his chair and it brought a big smile to my face. Smitty was such a sweet boy who was always happy! And he made us so happy. Don's boy :)

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10 March 2010


Marlini babysat Quinn today and did a little homeschooling. This is what was on the white board when I got home.

{Dispatched from my mobile mothering communication unit}

Cloth Diapering

Remember when I was so passionate about cloth diapering (cd'ing)? About 3 months ago, Quinn started soaking through every cloth diaper I put on him and that was it. We have been using disposables (sposies) since then to save our furniture. I have to admit that it's much easier, but am often annoyed with myself for cd'ing for 2+ years and now using sposies. Regardless, it's time to start selling off all our cloth diapers and accessories. Yes, there is a big market for second hand cloth diapers. Just visit this site and you will find a whole community of passionate cloth-diapering mamas.

I recently sold off a couple of wool pant sets that I was sad to see go but it was time. Long pants are called longies (so original!). These longies were knit by mom using some custom dyed wool that was sold at auction. I bet you never knew the complexities of cd'ing ;) I found a couple of shirts to match. I loved this set.


Our favorite set ever was this monkey boy shirt/longies. I found the orange monkey shirt at Old Navy and loved it so much that I had someone dye the yarn to match and then knit these cargo longies. I bought the shirt in 2 sizes (3 - 6 mos and 6 - 12 mos) so that we could get alot of use out of it. Did I mention that the longies were $70? I also found the cream color shirt at Old Navy in the same color scheme. Such good memories!


I was able to sell both of these outfits and a bunch of other stuff on diaperswappers. I hope they are much loved in their new homes :)

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08 March 2010

Bahama Mamas - Going Home

Our last day in the Bahamas was absolutely beautiful! It was warmish and the sun was strong and bright. We headed down to the beach early so we could get in some good beach time before leaving. There was a starfish about 10 feet from the shore.

I took a quick dip in the ocean and it was chilly! We only saw a handful of people in the water the whole week. We headed back to the room with a little detour at the pool.

The pool layout was really beautiful.

Time to head home...but what a great 5 days!

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Bahama Baby

Quinn had a great time climbing on the rocks on the beach. And I had a great time taking his picture climbing on the rocks.

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