Centennial Park

by Amy, March 26, 2010
Quinn and I just got back from a week in Maryland visiting with family and friends. Don took the train down for the weekend, had a meeting in VA on Monday, and took the train home on Monday night. Ross was in town from Utah and it was great to catch up with him. I think it had been almost 2 years since we saw him last. And of course we got lots of time with Pam and family :)

We had a handful of great spring days and took advantage of the weather with a day at Centennial Park with Mom and Pam. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, some play time on the playground, and then a walk/scoot around the lake.

The play structure was amazing. Lots of interesting features, steps, ramps, rings, slides, etc. Quinn had a grand time climbing all over it saying "Chase me Mama!". I was worn out!

Quinn's making his way across 'mushroom' steps.

That's our boy! I think he has some chocolate chip cookie residue on his chin :)

Look at the monster grip Quinn has on Aunt Pam.

Time for a walk around the lake. Quinn is getting really good and fast with his scooter. It's now his preferred mode of transportation (poor Thomas!). I think we're going to go through some shoes this summer because Quinn likes to drag his foot as the brake.

Quick break -- quick picture. Yes, I'm the mamarazzi!

Quinn loves to see things splash in the water. Grams collected some rocks for Quinn to throw.

Our handsome boy!

What a great day with Grams and Aunt Pam!

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