28 April 2010

Quinn at the Playground

Quinn and I made a quick trip to Maryland on Monday. Today mom, Pam, Quinn, and I headed to a local park/playground for a picnic and some exercise.

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25 April 2010

All Aboard!

On Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful day and visited New Hope, PA which is right on the NJ - PA state line. It was a quaint little town with lots of funky shops and restaurants right on the river. But our main reason for visiting was to ride the New Hope Railroad.

The train is leaving the station -- wow it's loud!

Choo Choo!

There goes the train.

Hey, that train left without us!

We were a couple of minutes late for the noon train, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Blue Tortilla restaurant.

Here comes our train.

All Aboard!

Checking out the view. Quinn was entertained by the train ride for all of about 15 seconds. Good thing we got him this little train to play with.

Now that's a natural smile :)

In order to change directions, the engine would disengage from one end of the train and move to the other end and engage again. Here's the engine moving to the "front" of the train at the station.

Don and Quinn watching the train "hitching up".

And my favorite photo of the day.

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20 April 2010

Quinn was Outside

We played this game before. How do I know he was playing outside? Let me show you...

...muddy boots

...lawn mower filled with bubble juice and ready to blow

...airplane filled with bubble juice and ready to fly

...dump truck ready to haul some rocks around

...sand toys ready to snap in to action.

Action! Haul some sand!

Blow some bubbles!

Dig some dirt! Whoops! That happens to be the area where Don prepped the yard and put down grass seed.

Yes, Quinn was here and he had a great time!

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18 April 2010

Mae's Chair is Comfy :)

The last time Mae came out for a visit she brought Quinn a folding kids chair. We hid it in the basement and just pulled it out the other day. Quinn gave it a try today and I think he finds it pretty comfortable. What do you think?

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My Own Superman

On Saturday we attended the Westfield YMCA's Healthy Kids Event. We met up with Robin and her family but also so a couple of other families that we know from the pool and around town. Quinn had a great time going through the giant bouncy obstacle course. Climbing up a rope ladder and then sliding down a giant slide. "Again", "again" was what we heard most of the day. He was probably one of the littlest guys on the obstacle course but he was holding his ground.

My big guy took a look at the rock climbing wall and thought it looked pretty easy. It looked pretty challenging to me. Yikes! But he gave it a go and totally conquered it! He said that he heard some of the "rocks" creaking under pressure which alarmed him a bit, but he made it to the top with no problems. My hero! Check it out...

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15 April 2010

Sleep Where I Fall, Part II

You may remember this post from when Quinn was about a year old. He just kept on going without a nap until he could not take another step and down he went. We had a bit of a repeat episode.

He woke up early but wasn't receptive to a nap in the afternoon. That usually means he tries to catch some zzzzz's around 5 pm. Usually while sitting in the chair watching TV while I make dinner. This time we had opened a card from Mae and then I ran upstairs to change. I came back down and he was O-U-T!

Look at that chubby little angelic face.

And a view from above. The great thing was I could practice some photography while he slept. For this one I hopped up on a chair and got a straight overhead shot.

Have I ever mentioned his slippers? That is usually one of the first things he asks for after where's papa, go get milk, turn off noises (wave machine) and then get slippers. And DO NOT even think of putting them on for him. No way jose!!!! He must grab them and carry them downstairs. It's usually a good hour before he puts them on, but he must have them in hand. He's very opinionated that way, our guy.

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13 April 2010

The Other White Flying Tomato

We had a bit of a rainy, cool day today and spent most of the day inside. We had MyGym in the morning, came home and had lunch, played with Play Dough, and made Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. Around 4:00 pm Quinn put on his monkey hat and decided he wanted to play baseball. You may remember this post where Quinn put on his "monkey hat" to play baseball with Don. Now when Q puts on his hat, it's time for baseball. What's a mama to do? Play baseball!

Did I mention that he also likes to pull up his hood when it's sprinkling? Makes sense to me :)

Hmmm...what happened to the baseball game?

Oh, there he goes....our own little Flying Tomato.

Love the boots!

Yes, this would be a Splish, Splash, Splosh moment!

Could a mamarazzi ask for better colors?

A quick visit to the playground before we head home.

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11 April 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

We saw the tigers and bears, but not the lions. And it was Oh My great!! On Saturday we made a trek to the Bronx Zoo which is about an hour from our house. On the way there, Don reminisced about his days of working NYC and travelling over the GW bridge.

We were really impressed with the zoo right from the get-go. We got a year long family membership so we hope to make at least one or two more visits over the next 12 months.


We were greeted by the sea lions with their loud barking. Here are my guys.

There is a great Children's Zoo inside the zoo with lots of stuff for the kids to do. Here's our little birdie.

Quinn and I ventured under the prairie dog mound. Can you see Quinn in the back taking a peak over the mound?

Checking out all the fun stuff to crawl through, over, and around.

There was a great petting zoo with lots of peacocks perched above. We saw goats, llamas, pigs, horses, ducks, and much more. It looks like it's snack time.

Like father...

...like son.

We arrived at Tiger Mountain. Can you see the tiger right about in the middle of picture?

It was a beautiful, cool day and we enjoyed walking around the zoo. We're looking forward to more visits and checking out the stuff we missed.

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