06 April 2010

On the Saturday before Easter we were thinking about going to a local nursery for an Easter egg hunt. When I visited the nursery's website I saw a post about daffodils being in bloom at a local arboretum. OK, not so crazy about easter egg hunting with 20 or more other kids, we decided to head to the Reeves-Reed Arboretum. It was a beautiful, peaceful spot and the daffodils were definitely in bloom. We went at high noon so my pictures didn't turn out great, but Q still looks very cute. Oh, the poor guy in his 'monkey suit'. Grandparents! You better enjoy this because this is for you ;)

I happened to be looking through some old photos and came across this one of Q's oldest cousin, Big Al. He happened to be 2 years old at the time his mother also dressed him up in some crazy monkey suit and set him in front of a bunch of daffodils. Poor Cantelo boys! History repeats itself, but in a cute way this time.

Hard to believe that Alex will be celebrating his 20th birthday in a couple of days.

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