Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

by Amy, April 11, 2010
We saw the tigers and bears, but not the lions. And it was Oh My great!! On Saturday we made a trek to the Bronx Zoo which is about an hour from our house. On the way there, Don reminisced about his days of working NYC and travelling over the GW bridge.

We were really impressed with the zoo right from the get-go. We got a year long family membership so we hope to make at least one or two more visits over the next 12 months.


We were greeted by the sea lions with their loud barking. Here are my guys.

There is a great Children's Zoo inside the zoo with lots of stuff for the kids to do. Here's our little birdie.

Quinn and I ventured under the prairie dog mound. Can you see Quinn in the back taking a peak over the mound?

Checking out all the fun stuff to crawl through, over, and around.

There was a great petting zoo with lots of peacocks perched above. We saw goats, llamas, pigs, horses, ducks, and much more. It looks like it's snack time.

Like father... son.

We arrived at Tiger Mountain. Can you see the tiger right about in the middle of picture?

It was a beautiful, cool day and we enjoyed walking around the zoo. We're looking forward to more visits and checking out the stuff we missed.

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