My Own Superman

18 April 2010

On Saturday we attended the Westfield YMCA's Healthy Kids Event. We met up with Robin and her family but also so a couple of other families that we know from the pool and around town. Quinn had a great time going through the giant bouncy obstacle course. Climbing up a rope ladder and then sliding down a giant slide. "Again", "again" was what we heard most of the day. He was probably one of the littlest guys on the obstacle course but he was holding his ground.

My big guy took a look at the rock climbing wall and thought it looked pretty easy. It looked pretty challenging to me. Yikes! But he gave it a go and totally conquered it! He said that he heard some of the "rocks" creaking under pressure which alarmed him a bit, but he made it to the top with no problems. My hero! Check it out...

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