New Boots

by Amy, April 05, 2010
One of Quinn's favorite DVD's is Thomas' "Splish, Splash, Splosh!". Thomas and his pal Rosie run through mud puddles splashing each other and other engines. They are very cheeky that way! Quinn has discovered that it is quite fun to splash with his feet, scooter, Thomas, whatever. I thought it was high time to get him some rain boots so that he could do some proper splish, splash, sploshing. Of course we've had nothing but sunny skies since the boots arrived, but that didn't keep them off Quinn's feet.

Take a look at these beauties!

These photos were shot on our first really nice day where we spent all day outside. At the sandbox...

playing with trucks...

on the swing...

and hanging from the rings. Take a look at that wet, sandy shirt.

Quick change in to some dry clothes and off we go (with boots!).

Let the splashing begin!

Uh oh! Something went wrong. This is a funny succession of pictures.

Head down.

Kind of a 'fake cry' look.

Yeah, happy again!

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