31 May 2010

Power Swim, St. John Style

St. John hosts a beach-to-beach Power Swim every year over Memorial Day Weekend. Don saw the notice and decided to enter at the last minute. There are a bunch of different swims you can do, but basically it's a 1 mile, 2+ mile, or a 3+ mile. There is an 'assisted' category for each length where you can use fins and snorkel.

Quinn and I were there to see Don off at 8 am. It was quite a sight to see all the swimmers -- young, very young, old, ladies, men, etc, etc. There were those that were there for the fun and then the serious swimmers. Lots of locals from the different islands who took the morning ferry. It was quite a fun, party atmosphere.

Don swam the intermediate length and just beat the mother-daughter team from Spain by an eyelash. He finished with a time of 1:20:32. He was 6th overall in his distance and 2nd in his age group in his distance. Pretty good considering his lack of training. I am very proud of him!!!!

A 15 year old kid from St. Croix won the long distance race for the 2nd year in a row. He absolutely smoked the competetion with a time of 1:14 and beat the 2nd place finisher by almost 10 minutes.

It was a fun morning and an experience we'll remember for years to come.

28 May 2010

He's Facing Forwards!

Don moved Quinn's car sear facing forwards for our ride around da island man. Q likes :)

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25 May 2010

Here We Are

We are having such a great time in St. John. Our villa is beyond perfect and we have spent many, many hours in the pool. Quinn loves the beach and digging in the sand. He's become even more adventurous in the ocean and pool. We expect that he will be swimming laps by the time we leave. Many great days still ahead of us :)

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22 May 2010

We are home!

OK, the home of our dreams and not NJ. We had an uneventful trip and were splashing in the pool by about 3 pm today. We had to drag TMQ out of the pool for dinner. He has changed so much since our last visit. We enjoyed an after dinner dip and then Quinn crashed. Life is good :). Looking forward to Trunk Bay tomorrow.

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20 May 2010


24? Actually it was about 23. 23 hours that Don and I spent apart from Quinn to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Mom and Pam volunteered to stay with Quinn so that Don and I could have a night alone. Don and I enjoyed our time alone VERY much and it was a much needed break. And I'm happy to report that Quinn, mom, and Pam also survived and had a great time doing it.

Don and I decided we would like to go somewhere relaxing so we headed 'down the shore' to Long Branch NJ. The town itself was not so great, but the 'resort' area was really nice. Our hotel was right on the beach and we were within walking distance of everything we needed.

Here's a view from our hotel room looking towards the main shopping/eating/drinking area of Long Branch.

We had lunch right on the water and enjoyed some oysters and a couple of beers.

Then we took a walk along the beach and Don saved this baby crab.

The hotel where we stayed hosts lots of conferences and weddings. There was a wedding in progress while we were walking on the beach.

Here's a look off our balcony down to the lounge area in front of the hotel. We may have spent a bit of time there later with a glass of sangria :)

I'm not sure why, but we were up the next morning to see the beautiful sunrise.

We had a really nice time and enjoyed being able to spend alot of time together alone. Ten great years with many more to come!

ps...I just got my New Jersey Living Magazine and there was an article about Long Branch.

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13 May 2010

A Walk in the Park

On a recent weekend we made a family trip to Starbucks. Yeah, yeah you say. But this time we walked. It's only a little over a mile but not necessarily the most scenic route. Central Ave doesn't quite compare to Greenlake. But, here we go....

(I should note that I gave all of these pictures a "butterscotch vintage" treatment.)

Down the street.

Through the parking lot by the local swimming pool and through the woods.

Pit stop to check out a drainage ditch.

We cross under the train tracks and enter "town".

We made it! Quinn enjoys his first Vanilla Bean Frappucino.

The stroller loaded up for the picnic ahead and any possible 2-year old request.

We've entered Mindowaskin Park and found that our local geese have gosling's.

Nothing like going over a bridge and throwing stuff in the water.

And running up and down the ramp to the bandstand/pavillion. We were headed to the playground but there was no need when we had the ramp and stairs.

Sitting in a tree. He's not that crazy about it, despite his happiest of faces.

Attracting the ducks. Quinn kept throwing rocks and sticks in the water and the geese thought he had something good to offer -- not!

Headed home after a great time at the park!

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10 May 2010

Build a Tunnel?

Yes, that is a question that is asked of either Don or I pretty much every day, if not more than once a day.

Here is the tunnel that Quinn likes to build.

We pile some of the sofa backs between the couch and the ottoman for our base structure. Then we pile on every pillow available and cover with the blanket. Many hours of fun.


Here he comes...

There he goes...

Just hanging out in his little man cave.

Climbing to the top of Tallest Mountain! (That's a Dora reference in case you missed it.)

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09 May 2010

The Swamp Thing

We are always looking for new and exciting things to do, especially now that the weather is making a turn for the better. Robin suggested we meet at the local swamp. Wow, that sounds like fun! Actually there is a large swamp area about 10 miles north of Westfield that is beautifully preserved with hiking trails and boardwalks.

It is really this beautiful.

Quinn the Fall Guy. He loves throwing leaves over his head. We found plenty of leaves.

These Three Musketeers make me smile all the time. Uh oh, what happened to Milo?

Off they go...

Here they go down the boardwalk towards the big pond where we saw turtles big and small.

At the big pond, we also found a bench...although Jasper liked to call it a sofa.

We actually found lots of sofa's :)

At the end of our trail we found a teepee, kinda.

And then we retired to the car for some snacks and lots of giggles. As you can see, Jasper has learned the art of posing for the camera! I love it!

We had a great day at the swamps and apparently there are a couple of more swamps for us to investigate. Sounds like a challenge.

***As you may have noticed, I have decided to start watermarking my photos. Not because I have any misconceived thoughts of being a professional photographer but because I don't want my images picked up off the blog and used without my permission. I've been reading lots of stories about images being used for things that they were not intended for, both good and bad. I'm sure my watermark will continue to change as I continue to learn. So, if you see an image and would like a print of it without the watermark please let me know and I'll email it off to you pronto :)

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06 May 2010


Marlini watched Quinn yesterday while I did my weekly errands. When I got home, Quinn and I sat down at the table for a snack and Quinn was feeling very chatty. Here's his side of the conversation (elapsed time about 2 minutes):

"I missed you so much mama"

"See mama's ring and clock"

"You hold my hand"

"What's wrong mama? Are you lost?"

"Hi mama! See your happy face and your eyes and your nose and your hair and your knees."

"Go visit Papa"

I was laughing so hard listening to him ramble on :)

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05 May 2010

Snapshots of an Early Evening

After dinner, we often retire to the backyard to enjoy the cool evening air and allow Quinn to burn off some more energy. Here are some snapshots from yesterday evening.

All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone using a special app that gives all the pictures that look of those old throw away cameras. What's old is new. Although the whole things looks a little crooked to me -- no time to fix it. I've also figured out how to make the pictures bigger on the blog. Wahoo!

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02 May 2010

My View

A view over my tummy. From the lens' eye to blogger...

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My Creative Husband

Don thinks of the best little games for Quinn. He pulls together normal household items and makes a fun game for Quinn. This is what I found in the bathroom one day after Don had been watching Quinn for a while. I knew exactly what was going on.

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