by Amy, May 20, 2010
24? Actually it was about 23. 23 hours that Don and I spent apart from Quinn to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Mom and Pam volunteered to stay with Quinn so that Don and I could have a night alone. Don and I enjoyed our time alone VERY much and it was a much needed break. And I'm happy to report that Quinn, mom, and Pam also survived and had a great time doing it.

Don and I decided we would like to go somewhere relaxing so we headed 'down the shore' to Long Branch NJ. The town itself was not so great, but the 'resort' area was really nice. Our hotel was right on the beach and we were within walking distance of everything we needed.

Here's a view from our hotel room looking towards the main shopping/eating/drinking area of Long Branch.

We had lunch right on the water and enjoyed some oysters and a couple of beers.

Then we took a walk along the beach and Don saved this baby crab.

The hotel where we stayed hosts lots of conferences and weddings. There was a wedding in progress while we were walking on the beach.

Here's a look off our balcony down to the lounge area in front of the hotel. We may have spent a bit of time there later with a glass of sangria :)

I'm not sure why, but we were up the next morning to see the beautiful sunrise.

We had a really nice time and enjoyed being able to spend alot of time together alone. Ten great years with many more to come!

ps...I just got my New Jersey Living Magazine and there was an article about Long Branch.

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