A Walk in the Park

by Amy, May 13, 2010
On a recent weekend we made a family trip to Starbucks. Yeah, yeah you say. But this time we walked. It's only a little over a mile but not necessarily the most scenic route. Central Ave doesn't quite compare to Greenlake. But, here we go....

(I should note that I gave all of these pictures a "butterscotch vintage" treatment.)

Down the street.

Through the parking lot by the local swimming pool and through the woods.

Pit stop to check out a drainage ditch.

We cross under the train tracks and enter "town".

We made it! Quinn enjoys his first Vanilla Bean Frappucino.

The stroller loaded up for the picnic ahead and any possible 2-year old request.

We've entered Mindowaskin Park and found that our local geese have gosling's.

Nothing like going over a bridge and throwing stuff in the water.

And running up and down the ramp to the bandstand/pavillion. We were headed to the playground but there was no need when we had the ramp and stairs.

Sitting in a tree. He's not that crazy about it, despite his happiest of faces.

Attracting the ducks. Quinn kept throwing rocks and sticks in the water and the geese thought he had something good to offer -- not!

Headed home after a great time at the park!

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