Art Installation

by Amy, July 24, 2010
I thought it would be fun to put some homemade art work in Quinn's playroom. I bought a couple of canvases and had Sullivan paint one while she was here. We asked her to paint something that Quinn would like and she hit the nail right on the head with a rocket ship. We gave her free reign and I think she did a pretty fantastic job. Notice the craters she painted in the moon.

I then chose the same colors that Sullivan used and had Quinn do his own painting. Quinn kept talking about Sullivan's rocket but said the orange rocket ship looking thing in the lower right area was a waterfall. Rocket ship or waterfall? He also painted the Q himself. I urged him to paint a Q and also re-dip his brush in the paint but it was all him.

I love how they turned out and they look great in Quinn's playroom.

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