Half Share

by Amy, July 09, 2010
One goal for Don and I is to find new ways to live 'greener'. We purchased a compost bin at the beginning of the summer and enjoy seeing the compost grow and then shrink. We had been putting in our oodles of pizza boxes but they weren't breaking down quickly enough so off to the landfill for pizza boxes.

So we were pleased when a new friend offered to share her Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share with us. If you're not familiar with CSA's then check out this. We pick up our bounty at a local church and she and I will switch off every other week. I'm really excited about participating and supporting a local, organic farmer.

In this week's share, we got one bunch of boston lettuce, 3 sweet onions, one bunch of basil, 2 cucumbers, 3 summer squash, one bunch of broccoli, three beets, three kohlrabi, one bunch of swiss chard, and one pound of sugar snap peas.

Don and I participated in a CSA in Seattle and I found it easiest to break everything down the day you get it, if possible. So all the greens got washed, chopped and bagged. Tops were cut off, veggies were washed and broccoli was cut in to florets. I also shelled and cooked the peas, which we munched on during dinner, and made pesto out of the basil. See....

From what I understand, the share grows as the summer goes on. We've also signed up for an additional fruit share where we get an additional share of fresh summer fruit. Can't wait!

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