I thought I would post more pictures from our trip to St. John. All but the first picture are from our first day on St. John at Trunk Bay. While I was there, I decided not to take all the usual photo shots -- how many pictures do I really need of Trunk Bay? Yes, it's one of the most photographed beaches in the world but I really like this one that I took last year.

The rest of these shots are from our compact waterproof Canon which turned out to be a great little camera, above and below the ocean blue.

Don and Quinn coming out for a swim. It took Quinn a day or so to get warmed up to the ocean and it's gentle current. Don took matters in to his own hands and hoisted Quinn up high!

A view from above the ocean blue...

and a view from below the ocean blue.

I grabbed my snorkeling gear and camera and off I went. Just in case you need directions just follow the underwater signs.

There were lots of these tiny silversides. I looked over and saw a cyclone of fish.

All the little fish got the bigger fish jumping.

You also always see beautifully colored Parrotfish -- this guy is a Stoplight Parrotfish. Their job is to clean algae off the coral and rocks. When you're underwater you can hear them scraping at the coral.

I love the reflection of the coral off the water.

These Squirrelfish with their big black eyes always creep me out a little bit. They're usually hanging out under overhangs.

A post snorkeling picture of me and the little man.

A view from where I sit.

Oh how I love Trunk Bay.

And one last "treat" to end our day. We were sitting on the beach having dinner at the Beach Bar and this rowdy crew sailed by.

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