31 August 2010

A Day with Aunt Pam

Quinn and I spent the afternoon with Pam at the mall. It was another hot day so a day at the mall seemed like a good choice. We let Quinn work out his ya-ya's at the kids play area and the had some lunch. Quinn asked to ride the train,which is at the mall in NJ. Instead he enjoyed a ride on the merry-go-round. Then it was on to the Apple store for a little TLC for a family iPhone. While I took care of business, Quinn showed off his computer skills on the kid-friendly Mac. He's really learned how to move and click with the mouse. A fun day with my favorite sister :)

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Monkey in a Tree

Quinn and I are in Maryland visiting Grams this week. It was so hot today that we stayed inside all day. Once it cooled down, we went out for a scooter ride and a walk around the yard. My little monkey decided to climb this big Magnolia tree in the frontyard. Lots of fun climbing up, jumping down, climbing up, jumping down. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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29 August 2010

Last Day at the Westfield Pool

We had a great weekend in NJ and spent most of it out on the patio and at the pool. Quinn was kind enough to show off some of his tricks for us. He's really become so much more comfortable and confident in the water this summer. We are sad to see our weekends at the pool come to an end for the year.

Here's our Aqua Boy.

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23 August 2010

Rainy Days

We have finally gotten our much needed rain. It was great on Sunday when we just lounged around all day. I think we just about burned out every screen in the house: iphones, ipads, computer, and tv. We were multi-tasking!!!

Quinn and Don did take some time for airplane rides.

Don was the only family member to leave the house. He went out for groceries and came home with a giant lobster balloon! That got Mister Quinn off the couch and running his downstairs route. Notice that he's still in his pajamas and this picture was taken at 4:02 pm. We were productive enough to change him in to fresh pajamas before bedtime ;)

A rainy Sunday was fine but we woke up to rain again today (Monday). Quinn and I were supposed to go to a backyard playdate with the Holistic Moms but it got rained out. Instead we piled pillows on the bedroom floor and raised a ruckus!

'Sleep with me Mama?' is what I'm sure he said before this picture. You can see how scrunched up his eyes are in his sleeping pose.

'I've got an idea!' he says...

...let's use mama's legs for a ramp and climb on to the bed.

Here's your lens cap! This might be one of my new favorite pictures.

Singing a tune!

Hanging out on the pillows.

Enjoying some hot chocolate with his friend the lobster. The lobster sure looks happy! Probably glad he was rescued from Kings grocery store by some vegetarian hippies ;)

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22 August 2010

Visit from Grampa and Grandma

Quinn was a lucky little boy to have visits from all of his Chicago grandparents in August. While Corky and Meg were here, we visited the town of New Hope PA for a walk through the town and a ride on the train. We last visited New Hope in April and I think Quinn enjoyed it that much more on this visit. We waved at all the people as we were leaving town, said choo choo an infinite amount of times, and had a great time all around.

Here's Quinn spotting the train coming in to the station.

Grampa and Grandma looking quite dapper as they check out the engine.

One guess on what Don is saying. Quinn seems pretty happy :)

Grampa and Grandma sharing a moment with Quinn.

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17 August 2010

Central Park with Mae

On our last day with Mae, we headed in to NYC for lunch and a little Central Park. Rain was forecasted for later in the day so we didn't want to make it too much of an adventure. We had a great veggie lunch at Candle Cafe and then took a walk in Central Park.

We found a pond where people sail little sail boats and also have motorized "speed" boats. We saw one guy put a "rescue" boat in the water to fetch a boat that must have died. Here's Quinn checking out the action.

Mae and Quinn. The building in the distance is where hawks have set up a nest and there was a big uproar when the building tried to evict them.

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16 August 2010

The Great Swamp

The day after Mae arrived, we decided to drive not too far and to get some fresh air and exercise. We headed to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. It's a beautiful trail that runs through the woods and has a boardwalk trail through the swamp.

Quinn hit the ground running.

A game of peek-a-boo.

Mae got Quinn giggling and having a great time.

This is Quinn's favorite area of the park. There is a big circle of tree stumps that they must use for story telling or campfires. Quinn loves to jump from stump to stump but his legs are not quite long enough. Mae's giving him a hand. Stretch....

Quinn looking for anything that moves.

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15 August 2010

The Bronx Zoo

Mae (Barbara) is here visiting and on Friday we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was a beautiful, coolish day and the zoo wasn't too crowded. The last time we visited the zoo, the monorail that runs through the Asian Wild was closed so we bee-lined straight to the monorail.

Mae brought along some goodies for Quinn and what better place than to enjoy Animal Crackers.

Quinn was using his binoculars to see all of the animals. Who knew that Asia has so many different kinds of dear?

Don and Quinn checking out the Lion Pride. In January, three lions cubs were born. It's pretty rare for lions to have triplets. We could see them in the distance but they were all taking a nap. Shhhh!

After lunch, Mae took Quinn for a ride on the Bug Carousel. They were lucky to get Quinn's choice in bugs -- the grasshopper! I think they are having a good time. Quinn would have liked to ride this carousel over and over and over...

Then it was on to Dora & Diego's 4-D Adventure Movie! The 4th dimension is spraying water, wind, and rumbling seats. This was Quinn's first time in a movie theater and asked to leave as soon as the lights went out. But then Dora & Diego reeled him in. He left off his glasses for all of the movie, but this was another zoo exhibit that he asked to do again.

Then it was on to the Children's Zoo. There is lots of kid friendly stuff for the kids to jump on, touch, tunnel through, etc. Here's Don and Quinn at the petting zoo. In this picture Quinn is asking for something. He thinks it will help his cause if he rubs your head while asking :)

Up close and personal with a chicken.

The Butterfly House was full of amazing and beautiful butterflies. This is a Zebra Swallowtail.

We also saw a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly that had escaped from the Butterfly House ;)

And check out this cute little bumblebee! Adorable!

What a great day! The Bronx Zoo is in such a natural setting right in the heart of NYC. We were happy to share the experience with Mae.

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12 August 2010


A couple of weeks ago we went to Quinn's little friend Fraser's 3rd birthday party. Fraser is currently in to outer space and rockets, just like Quinn. Fraser's dad, Damani, made up space packs for all the kids to decorate and take home. He used empty water bottles, red plastic cups, and a couple of other things. They were very cute and Quinn likes to wear his around the house.

He says Superman! (which he heard Jasper say at the birthday party) and runs around the house as I chase him.

Here comes Superman!

Quinn loves anything with rocket ships and does a countdown to blastoff about 20 times a day.

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10 August 2010

The Destructor...

...is another of Quinn's nicknames.

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D. I. Y. Q.

Yes, Quinn has a new nickname - DIYQ. Do-It-Yourself-Quinn. He has been this way for quite some time now but we just officially put a name to it. 'I do, I do' is what we hear all the time. Yesterday Quinn was helping me make crepe batter with the blender and I took the top of the blender. The result was "I take {{wahhhh}} top off {{wahhhhh}}" and then a total meltdown with a puddle of tears. Now repeat this five times a day. What I really love is when I 'accidentally' do something, like take his juice bottle out of the fridge, and he wanted to do it himself. He will take the bottle, put it back in the fridge, close the door, and start from the beginning so he can do it all himself. It's pretty humorous. And how do we handle these precious moments? With a long sit on mama's lap until all is right in the world again. Who knew I had so much patience? Not me.

On the flip side, DIYQ comes in quite handy. He loves to run for the phone and bring it to me so I don't have to get out of my chair; he will fetch the remote, a bottle of tea, an apple, etc; he likes to put stuff in the recycling and trash; he must get his own shoes out of the closet and also put them back (ok, throw them in the closet); flush the toilet; and the list goes on.

Mr. Do-It-Yourself is a very useful engine, you just need to remember to LET HIM DO IT!

(It doesn't seem right to do a post without a picture, so here's our baby blue eyes.)

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Water World

Quinn and I had a great time visiting Ross, Tamara, Sami, and Ty a week or so ago. Quinn loved having big kids to play with and had so much fun with his cousins. One afternoon mom stayed home with Quinn while Sami, Ty, and I walked up to the neighborhood pool. I took alot of underwater pictures.

I love this picture because it could be above or below water.


Ty is quite a character and always full of smiles.

Muscle Man!!

OK, everything is technically wrong with this picture but I love it anyways.

Sami and Ty have the typical sister/brother relationship. It was alot like my relationship with Ross when we were younger. We always hung around each other but we loved to fight, physically. And what better place to fight than at the pool. Here's Sami getting ready to let loose on Ty.

Poor Ty getting in the stomach. That day he was being chased and whacked with a noodle by a gaggle of young girls. I think they liked him ;)

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