The People have Spoken

by Amy, August 08, 2010
Many of you know about Quinn's rat tail. It was an idea on Don's and I thought the only time a rat tail looks cute is on a very young child. Well, that time has passed. It has been bugging me for a while, although Don kept insisting how surfer dude it made Quinn look. Really? I decided to put a poll to the people to see what they thought...hello Facebook.

This is what I posted on Facebook along with a picture of the rat tail in action:

Please make your opinion known and vote. I think the rat tail is:

1 - Surfer Cool
2 - Red Neck Rebel
3 - Fill in the Blank

Jolene: Did u give Quinn a rat tail? No no no.
Sarah: 3) not to be repeated. (shudder)
Stacey: ‎2 - sorry Don.
Sami: 3) Uncool!
Ty: 3) Negative!
Ross: First step towards a mullet!
Pamela: ‎3) Cut it off!
Don: ‎1) Freakin' Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all traitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't believe Sami and Ty let me down -- you're forging their votes!
Don: And it's not even CLOSE to a mullet!
Ben: im with uncle don
Marcie: ‎3) Snip that thing!
Anne: Nooooo! 80s?
Risa: ‎3.) One step away from dropping trou and peeing in a coke cup in the stands at the demolition derby...(ask Kim and Breck, this actually happened at the Frederick Fair...)
Rod: Jethro..... definitely Jethro.
Donna: is so last ... decade... and I agree with Risa. Hi Risa!

Our family and friends didn't hesitate to weigh in with their thoughts. If you have a chance, visit the link that Ross posted. It's very educational.

So the people have spoken and rat tail be gone!

Don was sad about it but I think he looks much better. I love it and his hair was recently cut so he looks adorable, despite the bed head. And here's our little cutie enjoying a green smoothie.

Let me just say to Quinn's grandparents and those that care about him, You're Welcome!

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