30 September 2010

Happy Birthday to Me :)

**This was supposed to be posted yesterday, so backdate it one day for me please :)**
I got up early this morning and saw Don off to work.  Quinn is still sleeping so the house is quiet and I’m having a couple of hours to myself.  I was thinking back to birthday’s past and thought I would look for pictures from previous birthdays.
My 9 months of pregnancy were some of the happiest of my life.  The amazing feeling of the little baby growing inside me.  On my birthday in 2007 I had already been on bedrest for 4+ weeks with a kitchen and two bathrooms being demolished.  Barbara answered our emergency rescue call and took care of us for the first couple of weeks and then my mom came for the next couple of weeks.  We decided to take a risk and get me out of the house for my birthday.  I think it was my first time out for quite some time, other than visits to the doctor.  Looking back at those innocent faces, we had no idea how our lives were about to change.   Remember this great backyard in California?
In 2008 we decided to risk taking our 11 month old Mighty Quinn out to dinner with us at a great French-Korean restaurant in Seattle.  I remember blogging about our dinner out.   Quinn eating kim chee was quite a treat for us, although I know he would turn his nose up to it now.  What happened to that very agreeable little man?  We had only been living in Seattle for about 6 months and had already gotten the news that we would probably be moving again.  I remember that we put all that aside that night and had a really fun night out in one of Seattle’s funky neighborhoods and enjoyed some really great, unique food. 
Hmmm..wish I could remember my birthday last year but I’m sure it was great!  This is how our little man looked on my birthday :)
I meant to take a picture of Quinn and I on my birthday but I never made it happen.  We got a babysitter so Don and I could enjoy a dinner out at our favorite local restaurant A Toute Heurre.  It was a nice evening out and we came home to a sleeping baby.  Happy Birthday Mama! 

26 September 2010

FestiFall in Westfield

Westfield has a FestiFall festival every Fall. The weather was nice and cool today so we walked the 1.2 miles in to town to enjoy the festivities. Local merchants set up booths, there's street food, games, music, etc.

Our first stop was Starbucks!

Quinn caught a glimpse of this very tall slide and decided he wanted to take a ride. Don and Quinn got in line while I scurried off to get tickets. Quinn is proudly displaying his 3 tickets.

This is a very quick picture video of Quinn climbing up and going down the slide.

We were all exhausted by 3 pm and made the trek back home, with Quinn catching a quick cat nap in the stroller.

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23 September 2010

Sundance School

Have I told you how much we love Sundance School?

Every day when I drop him off or pick him up I'm always excited to check his cubby hole to see what has been left for us. Today, we got "Ms. Bunny's Red Group News". Ms. Bunny is Quinn's teacher and he's in the red group.

Fun in Moon Art (he's in the Moon Room):

This week in the Art Room Firefighter Mort taught us all about the letter F! The fantastic fun included:

o Reading Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
o Creating a "rainbow fish" print
o Mixing our own fingerpain from glue, paint, and shaving cream
o Molding with blue playdoh
o Experimenting with different shades of blue at the easel
o Fishing in blue water a the water table

Here's what we did in Ms. Nellie's room this week:

o Learned the letter of the week - F (last week was M)
o Used a fork to scoop feathers out of blue water
o Sorted different fruit to the same color plate
o Decorated a flower by tearing tissue paper
o "Frogs on logs" - worked on our fine motor skills by placing blue and red frogs on logs
o Golf tee 'F'
o Color sorting fishing game

When I picked him up Tuesday, there was Quinn's first school painting which was laminated for us.

Here's a look at the outside play area. The sandbox is amazing. Look at all of those buckets!

Another look at the play area.

And what's a post to the blog without a picture of Mighty! He's having some fun on the monkey swing in our backyard.

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20 September 2010

Baby Blue Eyes

I am currently doing an on-line photography class and learning so much. Nothing like moms teaching moms. For some reason, it just makes so much more sense. This week's lesson is to capture an in focus, properly exposed photo with the right light. Although I have a couple of issues with the technical aspects of this photo, I love the sharpness and color of Quinn's eyes. And I wonder what he's pointing at?

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14 September 2010

First Day of PreSchool

Quinn and I survived his first day of preschool and only one of us cried -- I'm sure you know which one. We got off to a great start last night when Quinn fell asleep around 8 pm. Since he decided to get up at 5 am this morning, we had lots of time to get ready for his first day of school. Quinn had been to the school for orientation last week and we've been talking alot about how much fun he will have at school.

The first day of school isn't official without pictures. He wasn't going for the traditional "on the steps-in front of the door" pictures so we went this route instead. You can see that he's wearing his official Sundance School t-shirt and new sneakers. (Funny story, I was talking to some moms at pick-up time and their daughters were complaining about wearing the t-shirt and asked to accessorize the outfit :)

Don got a late start on his work day so that he could send his little man off to school. Yay for great dads!

Quinn has his very own cubby where we will put his coat and an extra set of clothes. The teacher/school will also leave any take home stuff in his cubby.

This was waiting for Quinn when he got to his cubby.

Miss Bunny welcoming Quinn to his classroom, the Moon Room. Miss Bunny started teaching at the school many years ago when her kids attended the school. Now Miss Bunny's daughter is also a teacher at the school and Miss Bunny's grandkids attend the school. What a great testament for the quality of the school.

As you can see from Quinn's body language, he wasn't so sure about going with Miss Bunny. I made the mistake of taking a couple of pictures after he went willingly with Miss Bunny but then Quinn came running back. I gave him a hug, told him I would be back soon, and then Miss Bunny coaxed him in to the room with a train. I wanted to stay, but made a dash out of the school.

Before letting out for the morning, the kids gather in the auditorium to sing. Today one of the original owners of the school was playing the guitar for the sing-a-long. The kids came through the doors and Quinn didn't see me at first. But then I got the biggest smile and hug ever! My heart melted as my boy squeezed me tight. Miss Bunny said that Quinn never cried and was happy all morning. She said he wasn't big on structure (ie sitting in a circle, doing things as a group) which wasn't a big surprise to me. Phew! We survived!

Quinn had a drink and snack in the car and then was out like a light. He hasn't been taking naps lately, but today I will let him sleep for a couple of hours to restore and replenish.

How I love this boy!

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13 September 2010

My Day with Mighty

I loved my day with Quinn. It was normal, it was extraordinary, and it is the day before his first day of preschool.

Quinn loves his crocs. I think he especially loves them because he can easily put them on and take them off himself. Something a do-it-yourself kind of kid might like. But with school starting tomorrow, Quinn needed some proper footwear and today we got him a new pair of sneakers at our locally owned shoe store. Check out the size difference from last year's sneakers to this year's sneakers. How quickly they grow!

A quick stop at Starbucks and then on to swimming lessons. We are trying a new swim school that's a little bit of a drive but seems to have a really good program. This is also the first time Quinn will take a lesson without Don or I in the pool. We went for an evaluation a couple of weeks ago to determine which class he should be in and he did pretty well without me.

Today Quinn got in the pool, did one exercise, and then came over to me and asked for a warm towel (our saying at the Westfield Pool when his whole body is shivering and his lips are blue.) I coaxed him back in to the pool and then snuck out of the pool area. As soon as I left, he did so well. He followed the teacher's instructions, played and shared with the other little girl in the pool, and seemed to be having a good time. I could hear everything and would occasionally sneak a peak. The class can have as many as 6 kids to 2 teachers, but we lucked out with 2 kids and one teacher. The other little girl in the class is about Quinn's age and a very good little swimmer. I have a good feeling about this class :)

He had a big snack and drink on the way home while he played with his balloon from the shoe purchase. He also managed to sneak in a quick catnap.

It was a nice cool day, so we grabbed the scooter and went for nice long walk. It's been so hot here that we haven't spent that much time this summer strolling around the neighborhood. Today we visited all of our favorite places.

Like throwing leaves and debris down the storm drain.

There is usually a puddle here from the drain, but it was dry today. This is one of Quinn's favorite "splish, splash, splosh" locations.

Through the woods...

...with a quick stop to find out what might be in the hole in the ground. Maybe a stick will reveal what's hiding in there.

He's all boy. He knows how to find the wettest, muddiest spot at the playground while wearing his brand new shoes.

Today I seemed to be reminded at every turn how much Quinn is growing and developing. At the beginning of the summer, he needed alot of help getting up this spiral ladder. Now he climbs up it on his own and then slides right over to the platform. Our big boy!

How Quinn loves to throw leaves.

And a quick walk on the retaining wall. No longer does he need a helping hand. Instead he runs on it waving a leafy stick.

Off to the woods to see what he can discover.

We spent a couple of hours today roaming the neighborhood, playing on the playground, and trailblazing through the woods. It was a great afternoon!

Tomorrow Quinn starts preschool at the Sundance School. Don and I feel so good about this school and know we made the right choice for our little man. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post tomorrow.

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Purple Polka Dots

Quinn got his first day of school hair cut the other day. The reward is always a lollipop. I asked him what color is the lolipop? He said purple. I asked if it tasted like strawberries and he said "It tastes like purple polka dots!".

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12 September 2010

Happy Birthday Don!

Happy Birthday Don! He's the man that always keeps it interesting and I couldn't be happier to celebrate another birthday with him. You're the best.

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08 September 2010

Diving Board Antics

Quinn and I spent the last week with my mom and Pam and family in Maryland. Later in the week we were joined by Ross and family and Don who took the train down Saturday morning. Sad to say that it was probably the last time the Cantelo family was all together at the Wayneridge Street homestead. But, it's been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did that weekend. Mom's neighbors, Sandy and Dave, let us use their pool and we had a blast.

There were alot of firsts this weekend. Sami did a back dive, back flip, and front flip off the diving board. She also did a cheerleader's belly flop that Don replicated to the applause of the crowd, but I probably shouldn't mention that here and now. Ty also did his first dive off the diving board and about 2 seconds later thought he was then ready to try a front flip. That's our Ty!! Gotta love these kids :) Quinn jumped off the diving board for the first time too. It was great!

We really had loads and loads of fun. Check it out....

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