Diving Board Antics

by Amy, September 08, 2010
Quinn and I spent the last week with my mom and Pam and family in Maryland. Later in the week we were joined by Ross and family and Don who took the train down Saturday morning. Sad to say that it was probably the last time the Cantelo family was all together at the Wayneridge Street homestead. But, it's been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did that weekend. Mom's neighbors, Sandy and Dave, let us use their pool and we had a blast.

There were alot of firsts this weekend. Sami did a back dive, back flip, and front flip off the diving board. She also did a cheerleader's belly flop that Don replicated to the applause of the crowd, but I probably shouldn't mention that here and now. Ty also did his first dive off the diving board and about 2 seconds later thought he was then ready to try a front flip. That's our Ty!! Gotta love these kids :) Quinn jumped off the diving board for the first time too. It was great!

We really had loads and loads of fun. Check it out....

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