29 October 2010

Heritage Parade

Quinn's preschool had it's first school event -- the Heritage Parade.  It's a chance for kids to either celebrate their heritage and/or dress up in Halloween costumes.  There was a little bit of both.

I had ordered Quinn a Max Wolf Suit similar to this from Where the Wild Things Are.  The wolf suit was so adorable and I thought he would connect with it because he and Don have the story memorized.  However Quinn did not want to have anything to do with it and would ask us to put the costume back in the box.  My back-up plan was to put him in a Thomas tshirt and put on his train conductor overalls.  Well, Thursday morning rolled around and Quinn was not so happy about getting the overalls on and cried until I took them off.  He told me they were too small :)  So Quinn wore his Thomas tshirt and jeans to school and I brought the overalls in because I've heard that the teachers can work miracles.  Sure enough!

The parents are invited to the school to see the kids parade in their costumes.  We obviously think that Quinn is the most amazing kid in the world, but it is still really incredible to see him in action at preschool.    The teachers led the kids outside on the 'train' which they use whenever they are travelling around the school.  Look at our boy!!

 And look at the mamarazzi!  It looks like a red carpet event.  (I guess it is in our eyes.)  Lots of tears where shed on Thursday.
 The kids were led up on to the stage so the mamas and papas could give them a big round of applause and click, click, click.   I posted a similar picture on my facebook page and someone commented how Quinn was almost a head taller than every other kid.  Wow, I had not noticed that.   There is another little girl, Julia, who is almost Quinn's height.  She's in the pink/black Minnie Mouse costume 4 kids to Quinn's right.  Her mom is also Amy.

 After the parade, we all enjoyed snacks and drinks and oohed and aahed at all the adorable kids.  Here's Quinn with Miss Bunny and his class mates Julia, Gianna, and Meredith.   I am a class mom with Julia and Gianna's mom.

Our first school event was so much fun and I look forward to many, many more!

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23 October 2010

Ants, Beetles, and Worms! Oh My!

My Holistic Moms group met up at Trailside Nature Center for a guided nature walk with one of their naturalists, Mister Rob.  He talked to the kids about insects, worms, and other little creatures that you find in the woods.
Each child was given a collection jar and a large popsicle stick and we ventured in to the woods to look under logs and leaves to find squirmy, slimy, squishy things.

At the end of the collection, we put all of our catches in this specimen tray to assess our finds.  Lots of slugs and earthworms.  This kids had fun picking up the worms with the popsicle sticks and watching them squirm.  See the little boy in the top left corner.  That's Luke and he's about 18 months old.  After he spent 5 minutes moving the worms around with his popsicle stick, he decided to give it a big lick because, well, that's what 18 month old little boys do.  All the mom's had a moment of AHHH! which caused little Luke to burst in to tears.

The nature center has a great indoor area where the kids can play and investigate.  This is a popular place in the winter once it gets too cold to go outside and play.

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22 October 2010

He Never Leaves Home Without It

His tongue, that is.

{Dispatched from my mobile mothering communication unit}

Happy Birthday, Again!

Last night Quinn saw the candle burning and asked me to sing Happy Birthday to him!  I obliged him, of course.

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17 October 2010

Sesame Place

We made our first venture out to Sesame Place which is just outside of beautiful Trenton NJ (about an hours drive down the NJ Turnpike).   Quinn has become a master with the computer lately and really enjoys playing the Sesame Street games so we knew he would get a kick out of it. We also met a handful of other families
there.  The weather cooperated with us and it was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy at the park.

Here are a couple of picture slide shows of Quinn going down one slide and climbing up another.

We were lucky to walk by one of the performance areas just as a show was about to start.  It was the "Not-So-Scary Halloween Show".  Quinn was laughing, clapping, and having a great time.

The show finished with Elmo doing a rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

This might be my new favorite shot of father and son.

There were so many fun things to do.  Here is a huge net and climbing area.  They were exhausted when they finished.

Mama took on less strenuous activities like the tea cup spin.  Look at that happy face :)

There is a big parade at 4 pm when all the characters walk through the park dancing and singing.  Here's Quinn waving at some of the character.
Here are some of the goofy characters that we saw.

Quinn chilling out on Papa's head.
Before we left, we went in to the souvenir shop and I let Quinn pick out one thing.  He decided on a Super Grover!  It wasn't long after we got in the car that Mighty Quinn and Super Grover were wiped out!

What a fun day we had!

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This post is for Pam :)  Pam got Quinn a pair of binoculars and her traditional Halloween shirt for his birthday.  Quinn loves binoculars and usually used his hands to make his own.   Now he has a real pair!  We were using the binoculars to find birds and squirrels outside, although I'm not sure that Quinn had the right end to his eyes.   But we still had a great time with them.

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15 October 2010

Q-U-I-N-N Spells Quinn!

A couple of funny little Quinn preschool stories.   Every day in class, they talk about the weather and they do alot of seasonal activities.  For example, they made negative leaf prints and collages with lots of fall folliage stuff (pinecones, leaves, etc).  On our way home from preschool yesterday, we could see the leaves falling from the treas and Quinn said "Wow!  What a beautiful fall day!".  I'm sure one of his teachers said this and it was funny to hear him repeat it.

I also did a quick video of Quinn right after we got in the car to go home.  I always bring him a snack and a drink because he is starving so he is waving around a great big PB&J.  Then he started chatting....

Last night Don and I went to Back to School night and it was really amazing to see all the things that the kids do in class.  The school does not use on particular teaching philosophy but pull in the best of each.  You can see alot of the Monetessori teaching style, which we like  In Quinn's class it is all play based learning and WOW they must be having fun.

Each week the school concentrates on one letter of the alphabet and this week was letter C.  One of Quinn's teachers was telling a story about how they use a fishing tackle kind of box filled with objects that begin with the letter C.  They showed the kids the items on Tuesday and on Thursday asked them if they remembered what was in the box.   Well one little boy said 'Cars'.  They asked him how many cars, and he said '2'.  They asked what color were the cards and he said 'Red and Yellow'.  The teachers were very impressed with this little boy and so are we :>)   We spoke with Missy Bunny and she said that Quinn is really coming out of his shell in school.  

Have I mentioned how much we love Sundance School?  Yes, I have and I'll say it again...we love this school.

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13 October 2010

The Birthday Crown

Quinn's preschool class had a small birthday party for him at school on Tuesday.  The school asks that you bring in festive plates, cups, and napkins for snack time (no sweets!).   When I picked up Quinn on Tuesday, Miss Bunny said that Quinn wouldn't put on his birthday crown.  Funny enough, he didn't take it off for the rest of the day once we left school ;)

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Fire House

I am a member of a Holistic Moms Group and one of my favorite aspects of the group is all of the outings that are planned for members.  One of our members arranged to have a visit to the Westfield Fire House.  I was really impressed with how patient and kind the fire men were with the kids.  Although a visit to the fire house was the main appeal, the fire men taught the kids (and moms) some basic fire safety  tips.  You know 'stop, drop, and roll', changing the batteries in smoke detectors, not going back in the house for pets, etc.  It was a little bit over Quinn's head but the older kids were asking lots of questions .

At the end of our visit, the friendly fire men posed for a photo.

Inside the fire house.
The firemen let the kids touch and pick up lots of stuff.

 Curious Quinn :)
 He wanted to touch all of the buttons.
The kids got the chance to walk through the front of the fire truck.  Quinn's not so sure about getting a help out.

To make our day even better, the fire station is right next to the train station.  We walked up and down the platform a couple of times waiting in vain for a train to come whistling by the station.  Notice the birthday crown.

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Preschool Update

On Tuesday when I took Quinn to school, he gave me a wave, said 'Bye Mama', and went right in to his classroom.  Wow!  When the kids go in to the classroom, they go to a table that has cards with each of their names printed on it. They are to pick out their name and take it to another table.  Yesterday, I saw Miss Bunny (his teacher) do a happy dance after Quinn picked out his name card.  On the way home we always talk about his morning at school and I asked how to spell his name.  He said "Q-U-I-N-N spells Quinn"!   He repeated this little exercise a couple times later in the day to Don's delight!

I can really see the benefits of preschool carrying over in to other things too.  On Monday Don and I took Quinn to swim class.  Normally I would have to leave the pool area so that Quinn will stay focused on the class and not come running over to me.  This past Monday, Don and I sat in the pool area and Quinn listened to all the instructions from his teacher Miss Heather and never once tried to come over to us.  He was a little naughty and scared Miss Heather a couple of times, but that's exactly what we would expect of a 3 year old ;)

The Boy!

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11 October 2010

Birthday Weekend: Saturday Night

Where do you take a 3 year old for his birthday dinner?  We went to our local Japanese Hibachi restaurant called Fujiyama Mama!  The place was packed and there were flaming volcanoes everywhere.  Quinn got to scream and talk with his outside voice and we could barely hear him.  What a great night!

It was a great day spent with a great little guy!

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