Heritage Parade

29 October 2010

Quinn's preschool had it's first school event -- the Heritage Parade.  It's a chance for kids to either celebrate their heritage and/or dress up in Halloween costumes.  There was a little bit of both.

I had ordered Quinn a Max Wolf Suit similar to this from Where the Wild Things Are.  The wolf suit was so adorable and I thought he would connect with it because he and Don have the story memorized.  However Quinn did not want to have anything to do with it and would ask us to put the costume back in the box.  My back-up plan was to put him in a Thomas tshirt and put on his train conductor overalls.  Well, Thursday morning rolled around and Quinn was not so happy about getting the overalls on and cried until I took them off.  He told me they were too small :)  So Quinn wore his Thomas tshirt and jeans to school and I brought the overalls in because I've heard that the teachers can work miracles.  Sure enough!

The parents are invited to the school to see the kids parade in their costumes.  We obviously think that Quinn is the most amazing kid in the world, but it is still really incredible to see him in action at preschool.    The teachers led the kids outside on the 'train' which they use whenever they are travelling around the school.  Look at our boy!!

 And look at the mamarazzi!  It looks like a red carpet event.  (I guess it is in our eyes.)  Lots of tears where shed on Thursday.
 The kids were led up on to the stage so the mamas and papas could give them a big round of applause and click, click, click.   I posted a similar picture on my facebook page and someone commented how Quinn was almost a head taller than every other kid.  Wow, I had not noticed that.   There is another little girl, Julia, who is almost Quinn's height.  She's in the pink/black Minnie Mouse costume 4 kids to Quinn's right.  Her mom is also Amy.

 After the parade, we all enjoyed snacks and drinks and oohed and aahed at all the adorable kids.  Here's Quinn with Miss Bunny and his class mates Julia, Gianna, and Meredith.   I am a class mom with Julia and Gianna's mom.

Our first school event was so much fun and I look forward to many, many more!

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