05 October 2010

Run for Their Money

Today was picture day at Quinn's school.   So I got Quinn dressed in a spiffy outfit this morning and off we went.   He is still a little bit reluctant to leave my side and usually asks me to pick him up.  But I challenge him to a race to see who can get to the classroom first.  He's still falling for it and it still works.  Today he didn't seem too happy about staying but did say 'bye' and gave me a wave.

When I went to pick Quinn up from school, his teacher Miss Bunny said that Quinn gave them a run for their money during picture time.  It took quite a bit of cajoling to get him to agree to sit for a picture.  Hmmm, you think the poor kid is sick of having a camera in his face?  But, I can't wait to see the pictures and will definitely share with you.    Right before they dismiss class, all the kids gather in the auditorium for some singing and dancing (usually with the school's director).  Today they were signing "If You're Happy and You Know It".  I love to peak in and see Quinn participating and having a great time.  School has been very, very good for/to him.

I thought I would give you a preview of some of his finest artistic moments.  The school laminated this his first school picture for us.

 Each week, the whole school learns/concentrates on one letter in the alphabet.  As you can see, 'A' was the letter this week.  They used apples that were cut in half to make this piece of art.

I'm not sure exactly how they created this fish because it's looking a little too good for a 3 year old creation.  But 'F' was the letter of the week.

Can you guess what the letter of the week is this week?  I was pretty surprised to see this animal in the parking lot when I pulled in to pick up Quinn.

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