31 January 2011


Last weekend I was downstairs and Don was upstairs on the computer.  Quinn asked for something upstairs and I told him to go ask his papa for it, not knowing that the gate at the bottom of the stairs was closed.  I could here Q calling for Papa to bring him X (I forget what it was).  I could here his voice going up the stairs.  A couple of minutes later Don said "Amy, come look at this" in a very urgent voice.  

This is what I saw (note my very caveman re-enactment).

I should note that Don had a secure grip on Quinn at this point.  Gasp!!!!   Needless to say, the gate at the bottom of the stairs was immediately removed.

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19 January 2011

Snapshots of our Evening

I realized that I had not gotten any video of Quinn lately.  Yes, I get a picture a day but there's something so sweet about his sing-song voice and seeing him in action.  I really treasure the videos that we already have of him and now I have one/two more to add.

This is a snapshot of our evening.  Rocking on the horse that belonged to his Uncle Brad.  It's on loan to Quinn until Brad has a brood of his own.    The second part is Quinn sorting, scooping, and measuring an assortment of legumes.

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16 January 2011

Around the House

After a week apart, our little family enjoyed a day hanging around the house.  Don and Quinn played lots of silly games and there was much laughter and giggling.  We received some packages with the dis-solvable peanuts so Don set up Quinn at the sink to have some fun.

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Mixed Media

Quinn found the mod podge in my craft bin and asked if we could glue.  Why not!  I pulled out a piece of patterned paper and lots of little goodies to glue to the paper.

Even Papa got in on the act and they made a snowman out of packing peanuts.

The completed creation.

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10 January 2011

The Gug

Marlini watched Quinn for us on Saturday and we went in to NYC to visit the Guggenheim Museum (we refer to it as The Gug).  We first visited a Gug when we were in Venice in 2003 and I think it is my all time favorite museum.  The art was modern, wacky, and whimsical.  Just how I like my art.   The NYC Gug was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is much more modern looking than Frank's other work that I've seen.  

The museum is on 5th Avenue right across from Central Park so we took a stroll first.  The park looked beautiful with a fairly fresh blanket of snow.  Lots of New Yorkers out running in the park.  

After our walk we had lunch in the museum restaurant, The Wright, and wound our way up to the top of the museum checking out all the art on the way.
The museum itself was pretty spectacular but neither Don or I found the exhibits to be incredible, although we had a couple of favorite pieces.   As we were winding our way up, we saw the actress Julianne Moore with her husband and two kids.    A special bonus for our day.

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09 January 2011

Fireman Quinn

Quinn found his fireman outfit that he got as a gift from Ross and family last year.  We were heading to bed and Quinn thought it would be a good time to put it on.  Even fireman need to brush their teeth.

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08 January 2011

Snowy Snowy Day

We woke up to fresh blanket of snow and the snow was still coming down.  We started our morning routine as usual -- sitting on the chair in the bedroom under a blanket until Quinn was ready to start moving.  As you can see, he's not too happy that I started moving.  After this picture I sat back down with him and we had more cuddle time.

He had a morning meltdown over hot chocolate.  I think I removed the spoon from the cup so he could add the whipped cream and that was all she wrote!  After we both recovered, we headed outside to shovel the driveway and play in the snow.  Quinn *loves* to shovel and even has his own little shovel.  He's a very useful little engine.

After shoveling, I filled up a spray bottle and a squirt bottle with colored water and we started making our snow a little more colorful.

Check out our blue snowman with orange highlights.  Awesome!

After lunch I made a big pot of Minestrone.  Quinn loves to help in the kitchen and I've just recently started to let him help me at the stove.  Here he was helping me stir the soup.  Marlini was here today so she snapped this photo.  As much as I hate pictures of myself, I'm making an effort to get more pictures of us together.

While the soup was cooking, we spent some time in his new playhouse.  This was a Christmas gift from Grams and is getting quite a bit of use and abuse.  We got in the playhouse (actually he calls it a castle) and I asked him to go get the camera.  He loves doing tasks for us.

Another ordinary-extraordinary day at The White House.

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05 January 2011

Tromping through the Snow

On Sunday we wanted to get out and get some fresh air and exercise.  We grabbed a coffee and off we went to our favorite park, Trailside Nature Center.  They have a bunch of great trails and it's hard to get lost.  

You know how there are small little achievements that your kids make that make you so proud.  Quinn's latest achievement is his ability to get all his fingers in the right spot with gloves.  Simple, but incredible.   (Spoken like a boastful mom.)

It probably took us about 30 minutes to go 100 yards because all Quinn wanted to do was throw snowballs.  

 Uh oh, he's coming after the camera woman.
And my heart melts...

 See, I told you it's not hard to get lost -- just follow the signs.    Our little explorer climbed to the top of the snow mountain.
 I may be a little prejudiced, but man oh man are my guys handsome.
 Time to head home...

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04 January 2011

Project 365

The December Daily kicked my ass!   But, I loved it.   It stretched my creative abilities and pushed me to learn more about photography and Photoshop.  I had to dig out time for myself every day that I didn't even know existed to pull it all together.  And I had to take at least one picture every day.  Whew!  Big sigh of relief that the December Daily behind me.

So, what's in front of me?  Project 365.  Yep, 365.  The goal of this project is to take one picture every day for a year.  What do I get in return?  Work on my photography skills every single day while I document my life.  The most time consuming part of the December Daily was the post processing and putting all the pictures together.  Taking one picture a day will be a snap in comparison.  

Project 365/52/12 is taken on by alot of photographers and there are communities across the web banding together to inspire and encourage each other.  In my clickinmoms group, there are almost 100 photographers tackling this project.  It's inspiring to visit blogs of these photographers.

I've decided to start another blog with my 365 pictures.  I will just post one picture without any text.  I'll continue to post on The Mighty Quinn blog with all the usual fun family stuff.  I should also note that I may take a picture every day but I may not have time to process and post on the blog every day.  But, I also know that I may not take a picture every day and may need a break.  That's ok.  I'll start back up when I'm inspired again.

If you want to follow my Project 365, you can find the blog here http://awproject365.blogspot.com/

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02 January 2011

December Daily: Day 31

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December Daily: Day 30

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December Daily: Day 29

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December Daily: Day 28

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