The Gug

10 January 2011

Marlini watched Quinn for us on Saturday and we went in to NYC to visit the Guggenheim Museum (we refer to it as The Gug).  We first visited a Gug when we were in Venice in 2003 and I think it is my all time favorite museum.  The art was modern, wacky, and whimsical.  Just how I like my art.   The NYC Gug was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is much more modern looking than Frank's other work that I've seen.  

The museum is on 5th Avenue right across from Central Park so we took a stroll first.  The park looked beautiful with a fairly fresh blanket of snow.  Lots of New Yorkers out running in the park.  

After our walk we had lunch in the museum restaurant, The Wright, and wound our way up to the top of the museum checking out all the art on the way.
The museum itself was pretty spectacular but neither Don or I found the exhibits to be incredible, although we had a couple of favorite pieces.   As we were winding our way up, we saw the actress Julianne Moore with her husband and two kids.    A special bonus for our day.

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