05 February 2011

Chop, Chop

On Friday I took Quinn to our local kids haircut salon for a little boy haircut.   For Quinn it's a love-hate relationship.  He loves to play with their train table, sit in an airplane chair,  watch a video, and then get a lollipop.  But he hates the cape (we just skip that part now), having his hair sprayed with water, and the snip-snips around his face.  In the car on the way to get his hair cut, he was talking about the train table at the haircut store.   I was impressed that he remembered the table.  

Here we are at the haircut store.  Mamarazzi is out in full force :)

Here's the end result.  I love that wet, freshly combed look.

I guess Quinn didn't think they took off enough hair.  I know I always need to make some minor adjustments after I get my hair cut too.    This is the scene I found.

I think this might qualify as a shenanigan ;)

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