19 February 2011

It's 68 Degrees!

We are getting a taste of Spring in Westfield and today it was 68 degrees!   It is so nice to get out and about again after being pretty much homebound since the snow right after Christmas.  The snow is almost gone and I am ready to start seeing little buds and bulbs pop up out of the ground.  Wishful thinking maybe, but a girl can dream.

On Friday Quinn and I grabbed a Starbucks and took a walk around our 'downtown' park Mindowaskin.   The conditions were perfect for a little boy -- wet and muddy!!  Quinn had the best time plunging sticks in to thick mud and then cleaning them off in a puddle, throwing rocks and sticks in to puddles and the pond, dragging sticks in the water, and anything else to do with sticks, rocks, water, and mud.

I was singing row, row, row your boat as Q swooped the stick from side to side in the puddle.

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